HOPE—Patricia Piccinini

Workshop: Making of Hope — Patricia Piccinini

HOPE—Patricia Piccinini

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Workshop: Making of Hope — Patricia Piccinini

Date & Time

24 May 2023 7:00pm – 8:30pm


JC Contemporary


Free of charge


With her hyperrealistic sculptures that combine human and animal forms, the artist Patricia Piccinini not only captivates our attention but also provokes us to rethink our relationship to nature, history, and progress. Underneath the surface of these works—loveable or grotesque, depending on who you ask—what are the ideas and creative process?

Join us for this special workshop with Peter Hennessey, Piccinini’s long-term collaborator for nearly three decades. Trained as an architect, Hennessey has produced the artist’s works and coordinated her large-scale projects as production manager. In this workshop, he will be sharing with participants the process of making Piccinini’s sculptures from start to finish, including concept development, mold making, and material selection. Participants will discover that the fabrication of these sculptures is far from a solo effort—and get a glimpse of their studio culture, among others.

While this workshop is open to all, art professionals—ranging from artists, curators, exhibition designers to technicians—might find this workshop most rewarding.

This workshop will be conducted in English.

Artist Bio

Peter Hennessey

Peter Hennessey is an artist whose work explores the relationship between objects, representation, experiences and narratives. Trained as an architect, Peter founded The Basement Project artist-run gallery and Drome Pty Ltd studio with Patricia Piccinini in 1994. The Basement Project ran for three years, and Drome continues as a multidisciplinary production space for his own and Piccinini’s artwork. 

Between 1994 and 2003, Hennessey worked primarily in new media art, design, and production. In 2004 he began to focus on his own artistic practice and moved exclusively into producing Piccinini's and his work, including as number of solo projects and public commissions. In 2015 his first solo museum survey “Making It Real” was shown at The UQ Art Museum. That year he also collaborated with Piccinini on “The Shadows Calling”, a significant exhibition for the Hobart Mercury Building/Dark MoFo. The two worked together again in 2016 on “Alone With The Gods”. 

Since 2017 he has been primarily engaged working with Piccinini and Drome as the studio’s production manager, coordinating the delivery of a series of major solo projects including “Curious Affection” (GOMA, Brisbane, 2018), “En Kaerlig Verden” (Arken, Copenhagen, 2019), “Between the Shadow and the Soul” (Taidehalli, Helsinki, 2020) and “A Miracle Constantly Repeated” (Flinders Street Station Melbourne, 2021).