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1 Dec 2021 - 24 Feb 2022




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While other cities across the globe may greet the arrival of winter with a feeling of melancholy and a desire to hibernate, Hong Kong instead comes alive for the most magical season. Tai Kwun is the home to some of the city’s most generous outdoor spaces and distinctive 19th Century architecture, all of which combine to provide a unique setting for a huge winter programme both indoors and out.

Now in its fourth incarnation, our annual artists book fair BOOKED: assembles some of the most imaginative and creative artists, publisher and bookstores in Hong Kong and the region for a buzzing long weekend just prior to Christmas, enlivened by public talks, live performances and spontaneous happenings which have given BOOKED: its own distinct identity.

Jaw-dropping skills, wacky characters, gravity-defying spectacle and unmistakable Hong Kong flair give this year’s Circus Plays a vibrant energy which will captivate audiences all over Tai Kwun during the Christmas and New Year period. After the celebrations are over, we turn within as one of our galleries becomes an emotional gymnasium in which a group of Hong Kong artists reflect on our emotional wellbeing as the pace of change seems to accelerate. At the same time, the two main floors of the galleries are intriguingly devised to trigger that elusive feeling of déjà-vu as the exhibition Double Vision explores the relationship between the human mind and concepts of truth, perception and fiction.

Seeking solace in the power of music to comfort us at times of separation, loss, isolation or confusion, this year’s Prison Yard Festival – music from within, explores themes of music, healing and recovery to remind us of the life-affirming joy which exists in the purely abstract realm of music. And, as the last notes resonate in Prison Yard, our attention shifts instantly back to the Parade Ground as we unveil InnerGlow, a stunning, 3D projection-mapped lightshow which plays with the historical facades and heritage features and dazzlingly transforms these now familiar and beloved structures into unrecognizable objects which seem to fly, float, billow, shiver and morph, providing perfect family entertainment across Chinese New Year.

We conceived our winter season as a kind of beacon, glowing brightly with a sweeping variety of events, spectacle, programs and exhibitions. Whether you simply pull up a beach chair to catch a winter sunbeam, linger in an exhibition, listen to Beethoven by moonlight, find the ideal gift for your best friend or escape the city bustle in the leafy oasis of our freshly reimagined Lower E Hall, we hope we’ll see you often.

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