The Hearth “the making of ME”

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The Hearth: “the making of ME”

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The Hearth: “the making of ME”

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The Hearth: “the making of ME”

The Hearth “the making of ME”

Creativity Day

Date & Time

11 Dec 2021 2:30pm


Laundry Steps


Free of charge


“The Hearth” invites the renowned singer-songerwriter Vicky Fung to explore what “identity” is through music in this coming December and April. The idea of “identity” can be very broad, be it ethnicity, gender or roles we played – and every one of us will certainly step into a different “identity” at some point in life.

“the making of ME”

Musicians create music, and music is also how a musician shapes one self.

In this December, the music storyteller ChowZip will join three units of local singer-songwriters to tell their respective stories about “the making of ME”. The line-up includes Hong Kong-grown Korean singer mue, three “My Main Stage” musicians RUMBU, Jeffero Chan and Mark Tai, together with the independent singer-songwriter Robynn Yip who recently became a mother. On this Saturday afternoon, we will not just learn about their music, but their personal stories and thoughts on a subject that is closely relevant to every one of us.

Details of the April 2022 performance will be announced later.



Line Up

Music Genre

2:30pm – 3:10pm


Lofi pop

3:40pm – 4:20pm

My Main Stage:
RUMBU, Jeffero Chan & Mark Tai 

Pop, Jazz, R&B, Cantopop, Rock, Ballad


4:50pm – 5:30pm

Robynn Yip

Indie, Pop


Jeffero Chan
Mark Tai
Robynn Yip
Chow Zip

mue, a young and aspiring Korean artist who grows up in Hong Kong, was born in 1995. To achieve his dream, mue had a sojourn in Australia. He was immediately discovered by Korean producers, and was invited to participate in a Korean music reality TV show “KPOP STAR 4”. After the competition, mue studied at Berklee College of Music and The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

With a clear vision of his career path, mue travelled around the world, included Sydney, Korea and Boston. For now, he is landing on where he grows - Hong Kong.

RUMBU has been a music fanatic since he was a child. In 2016, under Soprano Joanne Shao’s guidance, within 6 months, he learned to sing and was awarded distinction in the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Grade 8 singing exam. Since 2017, he has been a member of the program My Main Stage led by an acclaimed producer Mr Chiu Tsang Hei. In the program he learns to produce pop music professionally. In 2018, he organised his first recital and got the Licentiate diploma (LTCL) with distinction. In July 2020, his first digital single "Do You Understand?" was officially released online.

Jeffero Chan is a singer-songwriter, audio engineer, record producer, orchestrator and film composer from Hong Kong.

Mark Tai is a local singer-producer debuted in 2021, with cantopop as his main genre. Despite having a small repertoire of publish originals, he has worked in a wide variety of music productions in Hong Kong.

Robynn Yip is an independent singer-songwriter, formerly known as a part of the duo Robynn & Kendy, under Universal Music Hong Kong. Straddling the lines between her new roles as a mother, a solo artist and an indie artist all at once, “identity” is very much at the epicenter of her soul searching process within her musical creations. She released 3 English singles in 2020, and her first Cantonese single in 2021. Her first solo single “Lost Forever” in 2020 documents her emotions during moments of chaos and broken relationships within the city she calls home. Her cantonese single chronicles her own emotional journey of her renewal as an artist and as a mother.

Programme Host / Actor / Comedian / Script Writer

Programme Host exp: Now TV , ATV, Cable TV, DBC

Now working in RTHK as DJ and drama script writer

Music project :

Script - Serrini X INK Remix , Ho Yau X INK Remix

Script + Acting - Beatfriday Year 3,4 Live Show

Comedy Show:

2017《Good Bye Little Chow》

2019《Women from which planet?》

About The Hearth

We believe everything in life can be an inspiration of arts, and everyone can unlock their artistic potential through participation and appreciation. By bringing people together to share a time and a space, performing arts can create bonding and memories that are unique and relevant to those on and off the stage.

“All You Can Art” is a new monthly thematic programme to explore how performing arts can connect people from different communities and create synergy. By integrating music, dance, theatre, films, literature and more, each monthly programme is designed to look into how performing arts can nurture creativity, establish identity and care for wellbeing. These programmes are curated and led by creative and academic professionals across various sectors, presented in a range of performances, workshops, screenings, games, talks and more to encourage participation, evoke thinking and stimulate discussion around topics that concern us.