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Ninja Challenge

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Ninja Challenge

Not 2D but 3D Pop-up Workshop

Ting-koo-ki Mad Skills Battle – Daydream of Circus (Hong Kong x Taiwan)

Date & Time

24 Dec 2020 - 28 Feb 2021




Free of charge



The mysterious ninja masters have emerged from the shadows and found themselves at the virtual battleground at Tai Kwun’s “Bring Circus Home”!

A fateful discovery of the ninja’s bible has led an ordinary child to embark on the journey of becoming a ninja. Enduring the masters’ training, the child has now acquired the physicality, mobility and combat techniques, and is ready to take the final challenge of becoming a real ninja.

Watch the masters as they show off their skills and learn the basics from the online tutorials to prepare yourself for the training ahead.

Dare to challenge yourself this Christmas? “Ninja Challenge” is for you!

Production Team

Concept & Videographers: Steve Ng, Alan Cheng, To Chi Sing
Videographer: Hugh Cho
Project Coordinator: Andy Lo
Performers: Steve Ng, Alan Cheng, To Chi Sing, Wong Cheuk Kwan, Cho Jin


  • Suitable for all ages


Founded in 2017, TS Crew (TS) is currently a year grantee of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. TS is a professional performing arts group with members of different backgrounds, including film, drama, xiqu, dance, martial arts and stunting. TS appears in different arts festivals and events both locally and overseas. In 2018, after performing Along in the Hong Kong Dance Exchange, a dance festival in Hong Kong with Daniel Yeung as artistic director, TS was subsequently invited to go on a year-round tour in Asia, including Tokyo Performing Arts Meeting (TPAM), Beijing Dance Festival, New Dance for Asia 2018 in Korea, Tottorri Theatre Festival in Japan, SiDance Festival in Korea and Weiwuying Dance Platform in Kaohsiung. Apart from Asia, TS also appeared in the Tanzmesse 2018, an internationally famous dance art market, in Dusseldorf, Germany. With much acclaim, TS performed Along at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019, the world’s largest art festival and platform, and was selected as one of the four must-see shows by The Scotsman. TS is going to present a new full-length production, Jug Sound La in January 2021 and start a new long-term collaboration with DanceBase, National Centre for Dance in Scotland, in July 2021 and present a work at the DanceBase Festival cum Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2021.