Service Support

Site-wide Service

Tai Kwun has a dedicated Visitor Experience team who is always happy to help and answer questions about Tai Kwun. Visitors can come to our Visitor Centre located at the Barrack Block (Block 03) to obtain the latest information on Tai Kwun’s programmes and the Tai Kwun Pass.

Additionally, Tai Kwun provides the following services throughout the site:

Free Wi-Fi Service

Drinking Water Dispensers
Nursery Room 

First Aid Service

​Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Service


Free wheelchairs can be borrowed at the Visitor Centre at the Barrack Block (Block 03) and the Tai Kwun Contemporary Reception at JC Contemporary. There are lifts across the compound which facilitate access to different areas. Furthermore, we offer inductive loops for visitors with hearing loss. During your visit, please ask our staff should you have any questions or need assistance. 

Barrier-free Access

Inductive Loops

Accessible Toilets

Free wheelchairs Service

We provide accessible tours with barrier-free routes for people with different needs and learning styles. For more details, please click here.


About Tai Kwun Pass

1. Is the Tai Kwun Pass necessary?
In order to ensure entry to Tai Kwun and enjoy a relaxing visitor experience, we strongly encourage visitors to obtain a Tai Kwun Pass to visit Tai Kwun. Without a Tai Kwun Pass, admission into Tai Kwun may be refused.

2. How far in advance can I apply for the Tai Kwun Pass?
Visitors can apply for the Tai Kwun Pass up to one month prior to their visit.

3. Where can I register for a Tai Kwun Pass?
Via the Tai Kwun official website or mobile app.

4. Do infants/children/seniors require a Tai Kwun Pass?
The Tai Kwun Pass applies to all visitors, regardless of age.

5. How many times can a Tai Kwun Pass be used?
One Tai Kwun Pass (in the form of a QR code) can be used several times for admission during the reserved date/time, depending on the number of visitors applied for under the same pass.

6. Is re-admission allowed?
Re-admission will be regarded as a new and separate admission requiring a valid Tai Kwun Pass for the re-admission date/time.

7. Can I use one account to reserve both a morning session and an afternoon session?
One account can reserve a maximum of two sessions in a day.

8. How do I present the Tai Kwun Pass at the entrance?
Visitors can either present a printed copy of the QR code or show the QR code on an electronic device.

9. What time should I arrive?
Visitors with the Tai Kwun Pass can arrive and show the QR code at any time within the designated arrival timeslot and at the designated entrance (where applicable) as shown on the Tai Kwun Pass.

10. What if I am late?
Latecomers or visitors arriving at a time outside the designated timeslot shown on the Tai Kwun Pass may be refused admission.  So please arrive on time.

11. If I reserve a table in one of the restaurants or have other reservations such as a workshop at Tai Kwun, do I need a Tai Kwun Pass in order to visit?
Visitors presenting a valid booking confirmation from restaurants in Tai Kwun can enter Tai Kwun without a Tai Kwun Pass. Reservations for a workshop/event/exhibition/performance in Tai Kwun will be provided with a Tai Kwun Pass.

12. If I have lost or failed to receive a Tai Kwun Pass, what can I do?
No replacement of a Tai Kwun Pass will be issued if defaced, deleted or corrupted. Please apply for a Tai Kwun Pass again or seek assistance from our staff at the entrance of Tai Kwun.


1. If I come with a visitor in a wheelchair, which entrance should I use?
There is a wheelchair-friendly entrance: the Bauhinia House Gate.

2. If I am in wheelchair, can I access all areas of the site?
Tai Kwun has devoted great efforts to conserve the heritage of the site, especially in protecting and enhancing the historical spaces and material character of the Central Police Station compound. Most buildings, therefore, have maintained their previous appearances. Certain buildings may not be as friendly as some others, but alternatives will be provided. Should you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to email us.

3. Can I rent a wheelchair or stroller on site?
Wheelchairs can be borrowed at the Visitor Centre at the Barrack Block (Block 03) and the Gallery Reception at JC Contemporary. We currently do not provide a stroller rental service.

4. Are guide dogs allowed on site?
Guide dogs and assistance dogs are welcome.