Breathing with Trees

Walk-stone wall tree in Central neighborhood

Breathing with Trees

Breathing with Trees: Lunch-time Tours with Curator

Talking Trees: Creative Sound Walk

Walk-stone wall tree in Central neighborhood

Make a "Tree" and Bring it Home

Drawing Life (Summer Solstice: Labour Day For Trees)

Date & Time

16 Jul - 27 Aug, 2022 3 - 5pm


Assembly Point: LG2/F, Duplex Studio, Block 01




Stone Wall Tree Tour

Stone Wall Trees, a collection of landscape artifacts, is based upon Hong Kong’s geomorphology, urban density, and climate. Stone wall trees are of high historical and cultural value as they symbolize a series of urban landscape transformations which are closely connected with the cultural life of the community. This guided tour will start at Tai Kwun and be followed by a journey through the Mid-levels West area. Visitors will listen to the story of the stone wall trees as well as learn about the threats and opportunities related to these unique trees.

*This workshop is a collateral event of the exhibition of Breathing with Trees. All are welcome.


-Includes a 30-minute guided tour of the exhibition

-Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes and bring your own water and umbrella

-Children under 12 should join the workshop with guidance

-Conducted in Cantonese


Kit Yeung

Yeung Tsz Kit, trail runner, landscaper, city run leader, and edible gardener, caring about Stone Wall Trees (SWT) conservation, has designed and guided a number of SWT tours in the Island area, for university students, runners, and the general public.

He recently integrated SWT elements in a mindful walk event organized with a life education foundation.

He is an ISA Certified Arborist®. He obtained the BAgrSc in Forestry from South China Agricultural University and a Certificate in Landscape Design from HKU SPACE.