Touch Ceramics Workshop & Event

Touch Ceramics Workshop & Event

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Please refer to the programme introduction


Touch Ceramics

Touch Ceramics will follow the safety guides from the Department of Health, class will be separated into small groups, with a maximum 3 people per table. All tools and materials will be sanitised. Touch Ceramics also required students must wear mask, and not to eat or drink at the class area. Thank you!

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Neriage ·

To count the mysterious and romantic toys, the kaleidoscope is definitely on the list, and the colorful world inside the kaleidoscope is a childhood memory of many people. As long as you turn the barrel gently, the rotating pattern will bring you into a fantasy world, and the colorful scene is fascinating. In such a dreamlike wonderland, Ms. Yasmin will teach you to make a unique light-transmitting porcelain plate by Neriage skills.

Master Yasmin, a well-known Neriage teacher, has investigated ceramics skills for years. Not only did she study in Taiwan, but she has also apprenticed from the famous hand-training artist, Eiko Maeda, to further her skills. Through this workshop, Ms.Yasmin specially created her own kaleidoscope patterns based on traditional hands-on skills. To be more interesting, everyone can use different colors to construct various kaleidoscope patterns. We sincerely invite everyone to participate in the "Neriage · Kaleidoscope Transparent Porcelain Plate Workshop". Porcelain plates bloom with ever-changing patterns under different light, and we can appreciate the beauty of the details together.

Course content:

  1. An introduction of Neriage & the use and maintenance of light-transmitting porcelain
  2. Explanation and demonstration
  3. Practice the stretching, cutting and other skills of Neriage
  4. Skills of using mold
  5. Make your own "Kaleidoscope" transparent porcelain plate

** Please note that different shades of color will affect the transmittance **

Introduction of Neriage:

Neriage is to make the desired pattern by kneading, overlapping, folding, coiling, stretching, cutting of two or more different colors of soil.

Date and time:

  • June 18 (Sat) 10am-1pm/3pm-6pm or
  • June 25 (Sat) 10am-1pm/3pm-6pm

Cost: $1080 (includes all materials)

Venue: Touch Ceramics


Tel : 25629000

Mentor : Yasmin Pat

All visitors will be required to use the "LeaveHomeSafe" App upon entering Tai Kwun and must either provide a COVID-19 vaccination record or the relevant exemption certificate for inspection upon request in accordance with the Vaccine Pass Direction.

These arrangements may change from time to time, in response to the latest regulations made under the Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance by the Government.

Porcelain Painting class

People who like painting and porcelain would always like to combine these two beautiful arts, and they will easily fall in love with the elegant and graceful porcelain painting. In the porcelain painting workshop, students can learn about the traditional decorating style in this kind of art. By referring to the European flower painting, students will be taught about the different kinds of brushstrokes of these flower paintings, and eventually have your own piece made.

Date & Time:
Every Thursday 10:30am-1pm (2.5 hours)
Level:Suitable for all levels
Language: Cantonese and English
Class Duration: 2.5 hours
Fee:$1,880 + $150 (4 Class + Material Cost)

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Porcelain Painting class tutor - Christine KO

Having 5 years of experience in teaching porcelain painting classes, Christine has been a tutor in Yue Hwa, a cultural hub for porcelain painting.

Tel: 25629000

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Private Workshop

Sorry, this entry is only available in Chinese.

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Tel: 25629000

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