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This Victoria Has No Secrets...When It Goes Online

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Date & Time

17 - 30 Sep, 2020




Free of charge


Produced by:
Yat Po Singers

This Victoria Has No Secrets premiered in May 2018 for Tai Kwun’s opening. It sang along with Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong’s celebrated landmark with its world-famous night view, and the Harbour has witnessed the city’s various metamorphoses. Once, a ‘city of Victoria’ faced Victoria Harbour on Hong Kong island. Victoria City no longer exists, and what will Victoria Harbour be?

Through the video clip with three melodic songs selected from the production, Yat Po Singers is thrilled to show the audience a sneak peek of This Victoria Has No Secrets, the a cappella theatre (outdoor version) that brings a musical journey of nostalgia to Hong Kong’s heritage and cultural icon next year.

Video would be available here from 17 Sep, for free. Stay tuned and don’t miss it.

Creative Team

Production: Yat Po Singers
Composer / Music Producer / Mixing: Ng Cheuk-yin
Director / Arts Direction: Yuri Ng
Playwright / Lyricist: Chris Shum
Song Arranger: Ng Cheuk-yin, Anna Lo
Choral Director: Anna Lo
Performers: Raoul Chan, Dominique Chan, Margaret Cheung, Joseph Ho, Anna Lo, Ma Hin Yung, Ronald Tsang
Videographer and Editing: Ziv Chun, Thomson Ho, Tommy Chan
Audio Recording / Assistant Music Producer: Ivy Hung
Assistant Director: Carmen Yu
Make-up & Hair Stylist / Coordinator: Jadeson Fu
Make-up & Hair Assistant: Maggie Wong
Wardrobe Supervisor: Gauze Lam
Special thanks: Dong Yan, Ricky Lam


  • This video is approximately 15minutes with Chinese subtitles


Yat Po Singers

The first professional a cappella choral theatre company in Hong Kong. The founding Co-Artistic Directors are Ng Cheuk-yin, Yuri Ng, and Patrick Chiu. The Company focuses on producing original works in order to promote a cappella art and demonstrate the innovative interaction of music and theatre. The Company’s first a cappella theatre production Rock Hard received the CASH Golden Sail Music Award in the Best Serious Composition category form the Composers And Authors Society of Hong Kong in 2009. Another a cappella theatre work, Our Immortal Cantata (Re-run), was awarded “The Best Original Music & Lyrics”, “The Best Sound Design” and also one of “The Best Production of the Year” by the 26th Hong Kong Drama Awards in 2017. Requiem HK, a collaboration with City Contemporary Dance Company, was awarded “Outstanding Large Venue Production” in the 2019 21st Hong Kong Dance Awards. Both This Victoria Has No Secrets and Love, Death and Everything In-between are nominated in the 2020 29th Hong Kong Drama Awards. Yat Po Singers received the “Award for Arts Promotion” from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) in 2015, and is currently a grant recipient of HKADC.

Yuri Ng

Artistic advisor of Yat Po Singers and the 4th Artistic Director Designate of City Contemporary Dance Company(CCDC). He was the Hong Kong Sinfonietta’s Artist Associate from 2011-2013. In 2019, Ng has just received the “Outstanding Choreography Award” and “Outstanding Large Venue Production” for Requiem HK at the Hong Kong Dance Awards 2019. In 2013, Ng received the Award for Best Artist (Dance) from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. Ng received the Outstanding Achievement Award at the Hong Kong Dance Awards in 2012. Ng also received the Artist of the Year Award–Choreographer from the Hong Kong Artists’ Guild in 1997 and in 1998, he was awarded Prix d’ Auteur at the 6th Rencontres Choreographiques Internationale de Seine-St-Denis (Bagnolet) with his choreography of Boy Story.

The latest original theatrical works include the opening performance for Tai Kwun This Victoria Has No Secrets (Director, Choreographer, Stage and Costume Director) and the Hong Kong-style cabaret for Tai Kwun Theatre Season 2019 Tri Ka Tsai (Director, Stage and Costume Director), the collaboration with a Taiwan theatre group Mr Wing Theatre Company Pica Pica Choose (Director, Choreographer).

Recent creations include theatrical choral concert Our Immortal Cantata, Requiem HK and Rock Hard for Yat Po Singers; Butterfly abd Red Pear Blossom for Yam Kim Fai & Pak Suet Sin Charitable Foundation. Other creative projects include Dream Dances (visual direction), Shao Nian Yau (curator and visual director) for Hong Kong Dance Company and Herbal, Vocal or Motional? (stage director/ designer) for Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, A Soldier’s Story for Hong Kong Sinfonietta and Art School Musical for Edward Lam Dance Theatre.

Ng Cheuk Yin
Composer, music producer, sheng performer and a cappella artist.

Ng is the Artistic Director of Yat Po Singers, Hong Kong Sinfonietta’s first Artist Associate and Music Director of the fusion band SIU2. After receiving a post-graduate degree from the Music Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, he went on to study Japanese at the International Christian University in Tokyo and Jazz Music at Codarts in the Netherlands.

In 2012, Ng received the Award for Best Artist from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. In 2009 and 2013, Ng received the Best Serious Composition in CASH Golden Sail Music Awards by the theatrical choral concert Rock Hard and double sheng concerto Before the City Collapses respectively. In the following year his choral work Singing Voices of the world was awarded the CASH Golden Sail Most Performed Works Award 2014 and 2019 (Serious Music).

Ng’s works for Yat Po Singers include Rock Hard, Sing Sang Sung, Requiem HK, Herbal, Vocal or Motional (Yat Po Singers x Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra), Pica Pica Choose and Tai Kwun opening performance This Victoria Has No Secrets. Ng has also released two a cappella albums Single Singers and Two Are Better Than One.

Chris Shum

Celebrated lyricist with work spanning musicals, plays, movies, television dramas and pop music. With the song Perhaps Love, he won a Best Original Film Song Award at the Golden Horse Awards and a CASH Golden Sail Music Award. He also received a Hong Kong Film Award for Best Original Film Song for the theme song of The Last Tycoon. In 2018, Shum wrote the script and lyrics for Pica Pica Choose, a collaborative production by Mr Wing Theatre Company (Taiwan) and Yat Po Singers (Hong Kong). His other work includes the script and lyrics for Tai Kwun opening performance This Victoria has no Secrets (Yat Po Singers) and La Cage aux Folles (Hong Kong Repertory Theatre). He also wrote the Cantonese lyrics for the Disney animations The Lion King (2019) and Frozen 2 (2019), as well as lyrics of the soundtrack for Dante Lam’s upcoming film The Rescue. Shum has authored several books on lyric writing and theatre.

Anna Lo

Anna Lo is a composer, songwriter, arranger, pianist, singer, conductor and stage performer. She graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Berklee College of Music.

Anna has collaborated with groups including Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, Yat Po Singers, Hong Kong String Orchestra, Hong Kong Dance Company, Theatre Ronin, etc. In 2019, she was commissioned to create the extremely well-received original cabaret show Tri Ka Tsai for the Tai Kwun Theatre Season, for which she acted as composer, lyricist, and performer.

Anna is an avid a cappella singer and a prolific a cappella arranger/composer. She is currently music director of professional a cappella group VSing. Also, she is currently associate artistic director of Yat Po Singers, and has performed in a large number of Yat Po’s productions since 2014; she has also acted as arranger and vocal coach.  In 2017, she created and composed an a cappella theater production Save the Next Song for Me for Yat Po Singers and was nominated for "Best Original Song and Lyric" in the 27th Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies Awards.

Lo also works in pop and has performed with and recorded backup vocals for numerous singers. She gave her first concert re.Kindle in August 2016 as part of the Beyond Good Music @ the Fringe series held by HK Sinfonietta. She also launched her first EP K in August 2016. Her second solo concert ACA-ANNA held in September 2017 was sponsored by Tencent Music Entertainment Group and was live-streamed to over 500,000 viewers.

Find Anna here: