Theatre Season - Nocturnes

Theatre Season - Nocturnes

Theatre Season - Nocturnes

Tai Kwun Theatre Season Professional Workshop Series – “Sound , Digital, Image & Theatre”

Date & Time

6 - 8 Jul, 2018 (6-7 Jul) 8pm; (7-8 Jul) 3pm


JC Cube


HKD 250



imitating the dog (UK)

Supporting Organisation

British Council

As one of UK's most original and innovative performance theatre companies, imitating the dog is peerless in the innovative integration of digital media and live performance. Paying homage to spy stories during the Cold War era, Nocturnes starts with two operatives holed up in a Berlin apartment in the Russian Zone awaiting instructions. As time passes, their relationships to each other and to the orders they receive from their superiors fall apart. Performed on what appears to be a film sound stage, two actors voice a film they cannot see and never acknowledge. But who is in control? As the film gathers pace, can the past be changed? Nocturnes is as much a technological feat as a meditation on truth, control and free will.

Available at Tai Kwun Website / App / Urbtix from 25 May

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