The story of “Diary VII • The Story Of......”

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Tai Kwun X HKAPA: “Sherlock at Home”

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Tai Kwun X HKAPA: Last Ride, Fresh Eyes

Tai Kwun X HKAPA: “I go to Japan by bus”

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The Happy Family: Gumbo and the Large-mouthed Monster

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The story of “Diary VII • The Story Of......”

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Dance en Scene

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28 Jan - 30 Jun, 2022




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This video combines dance excerpts of “Diary VII • The Story Of......” by the renowned Hong Kong choreographer Mui Cheuk Yin and the interviews with her and lighting designer Lee Chi Wai. The two of them started the conversation during the quarantine of COVID-19 pandemic in 2021.  From a small idea of daily life to the aesthetics of theatre, and from their pets to the philosophy of living.  The viewers can discover how they developed the piece together and how it started from a scratch to a touching dance piece.



Mui Cheuk Yin
Lee Chi Wai


Mui Cheuk Yin received training in Chinese classical and ethnic dance in Hong Kong. She joined the Hong Kong Dance Company from 1981 to 1990 as the principal dancer. In 1985, she won the Hong Kong Young Choreographer Competition and received a scholarship to study modern dance in New York. Mui became an independent choreographer / dancer / teacher in the 90s. Under the auspices of Asian Cultural Council, she took part in the International Choreographer’s Programme at the American Dance Festival and performed at the East & West Center, University of Hawaii.  Mui was often commissioned by CCDC, the Hong Kong Dance Company and The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts to create new works.

Mui is an internationally renowned solo artist and dance ambassador for Hong Kong. Her work focuses on exploring human emotions and relationships. Her choreography has a distinctive aesthetic voice and, while contemporary, often incorporates Chinese elements. Her unwavering commitment and passion to strive for the best in dance has earned her numerous honours from the Hong Kong community, including four Hong Kong Dance Awards (2000, 2001, 2009, 2013) and the Distinguished Achievement Award (2012) presented by the Hong Kong Dance Alliance and the award of Artist of the Year by The Hong Kong Arts Development Council (2021) for her dedication and long-standing commitment to developing dance in Hong Kong. 

Her major works include Awakening in a DreamCursive ScriptFragrant GardenWater MusicE-motionAs Quick as SilverStories about Certain WomenEulogyla graceBetween Bow and StringOf Grandeur and DesolationKinetic Body OperaticsPink LilyOctober RedDuet 3XThe Enigma of Desire – Dali vs GalaLot˙us, Shui in Feng˙ShuiDesperately Seeking Miss BlossomSeason N in Seasonal SyndromesLove Accidentally, The Tales of Miles in Triptych and Diary VI – Applause…, etc.

She has been invited to many international arts festivals including Hong Kong Arts Festival (1994, 2001), Belgium International Arts Festival (1994), Lisbon Culturgest (1995), Re:Orient Dance Festival in London (1995), Hong Kong Festival at the Berlin Tacheles (1996), la Biennale du danse de Val-de-Marne (1997), Ein Fest in Wuppertal 25th & 35th (1998, 2008), Venice Biennial Dance Festival (1999), Dancing-World Festival in Copenhagen (2000), the Lyon Biennale de la Danse (2000), Beijing Modern Dance Festival 2001, Dance Biennale Tokyo (2002) and the Images of Asia Festival in Copenhagen (2003). In 2000, Mui was invited by Pina Bausch & Folkwang Tanzstudio to choreograph Whispering Colour and to perform as a guest dancer in The Rite of Spring with Tanztheatre Wuppertal.

Lighting Designer

Born in Hong Kong in 1977.
Active in the Hong Kong dance community as a stage designer.
At the beginning of his career, he was fortunate enough to work in the technical department of the City Contemporary Dance Company. During that period of time, he met many people and things that had a far-reaching impact on the future.
Now in a passive but concentrated stage of creation, I hope to keep my head clear in this big era and insist on making works that I will remember later.

Design works include Chou Shu-yi & Cheng Chih-chung: The CenterAfter the Deluge by Kingsley Ng, Almost 55 choreographed by Chou Shu-Yi, OnView:Hong Kong-West Kowloon Freespace - by Sue Haley, SoLow choreographed by Lai Tak Wai.