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The Majestical Puppet Parade

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Date & Time

12 - 21 Mar, 2021 12 - 14 , 19 - 21.03.2021
4:30pm, 6pm & 7:30pm


Parade Ground


Free of charge


Produced by

“One night, an aquamarine light flashed from the cracks of the earth. The breeze was mixed with fresh and sweet scents. Twelve meteors were drawn in the sky. According to legend, this is a sign of the illusion stone, which has disappeared for a thousand years, to appear. The elemental spirits sent their representatives to retrieve it, including the Owl representing the Kingdom of Wind, the Sea Lion from the Temple of Water, the Peacock from the Empire of Flowers and the Elephant, the eldest son of the God of the Mountain. The four ambassadors followed the trails to Tai Kwun. When they saw this beautiful establishment, they thought of the nature where they were born and raised. They had no intention of causing disputes again. In the end, how would they accomplish their mission peacefully?”

Produced by BE KIDS, four giant handmade puppets will dance and rove in Parade Ground, as a part of “Tai Kwun Circus Plays” creating a fantastic encounter with the audiences.

Creative Team

Production:  BE KIDS

Artistic Director: Onnie Chan

Head Designer, Producer: King Wong

Project Manager: LK Lo

Image Designer: Sally Ip

Puppet Making Leaders: Wong Sin Ping, Wong Pui Ling

Puppet Makers: Im Sin Yee, Ngai Chun Ying, Chiu Oi Ying, Chan Tsz Yan, Poon Man Wei, Tsui wing tung, Chung Wai Kan, Tse Shuk Yu

Performers: Chan Ho Ting, Chan Chun Tung, Ng Chi Hang, Lo Ka Chun, Tang Tsz Fung, So Hau Shan 

Special Remarks

  • The running time of the performance is around 15 minutes without intermission
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Activities are subject to change without prior notice. Tai Kwun reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the arrangements.



BE KIDS is the sub organization of Banana Effect. We focus on developing Western and Chinese Puppetry by producing highly interactive puppet shows. Our interactions are much more than traditional Q&A sessions. We focus a lot more on audience’s sensation and experience. Using puppets as a medium and fun active games, we open up the creative mind of our audience. By breaking the limitation of space and time, a magical journey is waiting ahead of us.