The Hearth: “the making of ME”

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The Hearth: “the making of ME”

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The Hearth: “the making of ME”

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The Hearth: “the making of ME”

The Hearth “the making of ME”

Creativity Day

Date & Time

2 May 2022 2:30pm - 5:30pm


Laundry Steps


Free of charge


Carrying on the exploration on what “identity” means to musicians, “The Hearth” invites the renowned singer-songwriter Vicky Fung to design two thought-provoking performances in May and June. The idea of “identity” can be very broad, be it ethnicity, gender or roles we played – and every one of us will certainly step into a different “identity” at some point in life.

“the making of ME”

Musicians create music, and music is also how a musician shapes oneself.

We learn more about ourselves when we are lost. We might all have experienced a sense of insecurity in the last few years, and it prompts us to question about ourselves and the world.

Emola is a theatre and musical actress. The pandemic has stripped her of performance opportunities, but it also strengthened her determination to get back on stage. In this performance, she will tell us how she lived through the frustration and came back stronger to pursue her dreams.

Singer-songwriter Peterson is a trained nurse, and he has dreamt to pursue a musical career after a few years of medical practice. He has been a full-time nurse over the past one and a half years and dealt with the pandemic first-hand. Through his music, he will share his reflections on how the pandemic changes his creative approach and how he shuffles between being a nurse and a musician.

The up-and-coming singer-songwriter Cath Wong has walked many paths in order to stand at where she is right now. She started as a busker, and gradually discover the sensibility, darkness and various aspects in her personality. With a guitar, she tells us how she gradually shapes herself.

Storyteller Chow Zip treads the journey with the three musicians in a monologue, discovering each of their story of “the making of ME”.


Line Up


2:30pm – 3:10pm


Musical / Pop

3:40pm – 4:20pm


Acoustic / Pop Rock

4:50pm – 5:30pm

Cath Wong


About “The Hearth”

We believe everything in life can be an inspiration of arts, and everyone can unlock their artistic potential through participation and appreciation. By bringing people together to share a time and a space, performing arts can create bonding and memories that are unique and relevant to those on and off the stage.

“The Hearth” is a regular thematic programme to explore how performing arts can connect people from different communities and create synergy. By integrating music, dance, theatre, films, literature and more, each monthly programme is designed to look into how performing arts can nurture creativity, establish identity and care for wellbeing. These programmes are curated and led by creative and academic professionals across various sectors, presented in a range of performances, workshops, screenings, games, talks and more to encourage participation, evoke thinking and stimulate discussion around topics that concern us.


Cath Wong
Chow Zip

A singer-songwriter under Sony Music’s O.U.R. Works label, Cath Wong was talent-scouted at a busking event in Taipei.  She won newcomer awards at various music awards in 2018, and her popularity grows significantly in 2019 with social media stats increased by 6 times in 1 year. Her Mandarin songs also help her gain exposure and recognition in Greater China region. 

Cath has released two albums “Cath Wong Says” and “Nine Traces of Life”, both with critical acclaim.  Her breakthrough came with singles ‘Cracks In The Wall’ and ‘Before Dawn’, embracing a diversity of styles and mood as her music evolves. She held her second music show in 2021, winning the hearts of the audience with her mesmerizing performance and a great concert program and theme.  Every little success adds up – Cath has won Best Female Singer (Silver) at 2021 Ultimate Song Chart Awards, turning a new page in her music career.

Emola is now a freelance actress. Emola was born and raised in Hong Kong. In 2014, she went to the U.S. for further studies, majored in theatre studies. Emola came back to Hong Kong in 2014 and worked in the aviation and education field. However, because of her unceasing passion for the theatre, Emola enrolled into the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2016 and graduated in 2020.

Registered Nurse in public hospital and indie singer-songwriter. He has been involved in demo productions and vocal singing and publishing rearranged pop songs on the Internet from time to time. He started making original songs several years ago. He participated in a programme of “HandiSongs: Tertiary Students’ Musical Tribute to Our City’s Craftspersons” and produced a song called Typing Strings for guitar craftsmen. Afterward he keeps making his own songs actively and the music genres focus on acoustic and pop rock at this moment. By now, he has three songs published on streaming platforms, including Us, The Note and Stay Alive.

Program Host / Actor / Comedian / Script Writer

Program Host experience: Now TV , ATV, DBC, Cable TV

Now working in RTHK as DJ and drama script writer

Music Project

Script: Serrini X INK Remix , Ho Yau X INK Remix

Script + Acting: Beatfriday Year 3, 4 Live Show

Comedy Show

2017:《Good Bye Little Chow》

2019:《Women from which planet?》

Radio Drama

2021:《Daisy in the multiverse》feat. Lai Ying @ Pomato

2022:《Game of Eden》