Tai Kwun Public Workshops – Historical Signage x Stencil Art
11:15am–1:15pm; 3:30pm–5:30pm Timetable
A Hall Studio 2 & 3 / Lower E Hall Map
Tai Kwun Public Workshops – Historical Signage x Stencil Art


Programme Cancellation Notice

The programme “Tai Kwun Public Workshops - Historical Signage X Stencil Art” to be held on 8 and 22 Feb has been cancelled. Tai Kwun will contact participants via email for further arrangement. Please contact heritage.edu@taikwun.hk for enquiries.

Thank you for your understanding.

Appropriate for what was once a one-stop complex dedicated to law and order, life within the Central Police Station compound was strictly regimented by an intricate web of rules and regulations that scripted the daily activities of officers, prisoners, and the public.

How these regulations were expressed on various signages – from materials and textures to the language used – hint at the stories of the people, spaces, and rhythm of life that pulsed over the site’s 170 years of history.

This new season of Tai Kwun Public Workshops invites participants to rediscover the historical signages of Tai Kwun and create their own stencilled works using the fonts, colours, and textures found throughout the Central Police Station compound.

Programme Timetable


Time (2-hour workshop)



11:15am / 3:30pm

Tote bag

Cancelled 11:15am / 3:30pm

Wooden signage

21.03.2020 (Sat)

11:15am / 3:30pm

Concrete with magnet

28.03.2020 (Sat)

11:15am / 3:30pm

Tote bag

18.04.2020 (Sat)

11:15am / 3:30pm

Wooden signage

*Participants must be aged 9 or above. 



Pantone C has engaged in urban art since 2000. In 2006-2007, he learned advanced urban art in Australia, and received his Diploma of Fine Arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2012. Currently, Pantone C focuses on teaching urban art & doing related projects in Hong Kong. Apart from teaching primary to secondary students in schools, he has also taught children with special needs, hoping that they can jump out of the box with this alternative art form and experience the vitality of street art.