Tai Kwun In Bloom 2023

Tai Kwun In Bloom 2023 - Workshops

Tai Kwun In Bloom 2023

Date & Time

4 - 10 Apr, 2023 3pm - 8pm (7 April 1pm-8pm)


Parade Ground


Free of charge


Venture into the realm of sustainability in full bloom

This spring, “Tai Kwun In Bloom” returns to the Parade Ground. Bursting with botanicals just before the Easter weekend, the annual flower extravaganza offers an abundance of lush and lavish experiences for an entire week, spanning 4 – 10 April 2023. Visitors of Tai Kwun can experience the compound in full bloom once again and delight in the unforgettable garden, which puts sustainability and eco-friendliness at the forefront of its celebration. Over a dozen handpicked local brand partners are set to join the jubilee, with lovely workshops, botanical-inspired bites and offerings, and plenty of spectacular and sustainable "Instagrammable" displays focusing on promoting a greener lifestyle for all.

This year's market will feature a plethora of Hong Kong-owned brands, including florists, botanical stores, lifestyle, and even food and beverage brands! The spring oasis will also be flourishing with flora-inspired bites and offerings, with the shops and restaurants in Tai Kwun offering special workshops and menus throughout the fair.

Selected Local Brands

Conceptu Home
Flower flows in you & Uncle Caudex
Forest Round Round
Fruitable Hong Kong
Give Her Flower
nao florist
Solight Studio
Timeless Flower
Tiny Island Maps

Conceptu Home is a HK-based sustainable lifestyle brand offering home fragrances using natural ingredients and chemical-free ingredients such as essential oils, soy wax and plant-based diffuser. All scents and products are designed, produced and packaged in Hong Kong in small batches. Eliminating plastic waste and reducing harmful substances are at the top of the list. They are committed to using non-plastic, recyclable or reusable or biodegradable materials as packaging materials.

All flowers and herbs are grown organically and sustainably at DayDaySoap’s farm in Sheung Shui, offering 100% chemical-free, natural and healthy goods that can be shared with friends and are child-friendly. Their handcrafted soaps and herbal teas are blessed by nature and handmade with love. 

Founded in 2018, FLORISTRY by ART OF LIVING came to life after a decade-long journey of mindfulness practices and experiences by the founder. By balancing the senses and the mind through floral arrangement, the founder aims to inspire people to experience a feeling of inner serenity and calmness amidst their busy daily routines. They deliberately choose the best practice at every stage, from creating vases with biodegradable materials to using recycled paper for packing.

Travelling all the way from Sai Kung, Korean-inspired Flower flows in you is well-known for its bespoke bouquet orders and flower subscription services, unforgettable tailor-made wedding floral arrangements, as well as fresh and dried flowers, and gift collections. Its sub-line - Uncle Caudex explores and introduces various rare plants, caudex and pots, both capturing the best moments of all plants.

Found in Kowloon Bay, Forest Round Round offers different species of potted plants such as succulents, caudexs, bonsais and house plants. Their collection encompasses a variety of plant types and their life cycles, as opposed to just using potted plants and succulents as ornaments. All potted plants must be grown alive and stay with the cultivators for a considerable amount of time in accordance with the study of "how a living life is being gathered".

Fruitable Hong Kong was founded in 2021 with the vision to revitalise and rebrand the local fruit culture and to better utilise its produce. The journey was inspired by a rediscovery of old Lychee trees in an abandoned orchard in Mui Tsz Lam. Through organising orchard tours and workshops, as well as kombucha making. It aims at promoting local fruits that have been despised by Hong Kong People.

Give Her Flower believes there is always a reason to give a girl flowers; even if you aren’t in a relationship with one, no reason would be the best reason. Tell us your Give Her Flower story and let us be part of it! By using cotton wrapping and vases to display flowers, you can enjoy your bouquet in a more environmentally-friendly way!

Sustainability at its boldest – “Good Bitch Loves Earth” is your go-to shop for unique and inspiring green products. Priding itself on the finest curation of zero-waste and genuinely planet-conscious goodies, Green Bitch inspires Hong Kongers to take up a sustainable urban lifestyle.

LoCoFARMS is an innovative agro-food brand with locally grown crops as its focus. Sourcing high-quality seasonal ingredients from local farms and making each product by hand without additives, LocoFARMS brings together farmers and artisan food craftsmen to unleash the potential of local crops to innovate the authentic “Grown In HK, Made In HK” flavours.

nao florist is not your ordinary florist. Exploring extraordinary flowers and finding new perspectives in the art of floristry, they inspire floral lovers to embrace life in unconventional ways. nao strives to be in harmony with nature and, thus, they have opted out of using floral foam and single-use plastics. Additionally, they makes the most of every bloom they sell by repurposing plants that would otherwise be discarded and giving them a second chance.

Hong Kong’s plant creation studio ROOT reconnects space and the human soul to nature. Established in 2019 by interior designers and fashion designers, now florists Jae and Emthy are committed to transforming plants into organic works of art.

Solight Studio is a bakery located in Tai Kok Tsui. Founded in 2019, with the goal of endeavouring to the best of each’s ability. R an amateur-turned-baker, E a chef, and K a designer, they create everything from scratch to finish, from food to design and packaging. Wishing not only to create and serve but also to learn and improve.

Promoting plant-based biomaterials as alternatives to animal leather, SOULMATTE is a plant-based vegan leather handbag brand. “Let's Bloom Together”, the company's brand value, encourages people to rediscover their inner selves and Mother Nature. For every product sold, a tree is planted, and 10% of the proceeds are donated to mental health organizations to help improve the viability of our ecosystem and mental health, furthering the concept that when we support one another's development, we blossom together.

Timeless Flower uses a traditional fabric dyeing technique called "hand-dyed fabric flowers" to create unique and never-withered flowers. The custom dates back to the royal attire and headgear of antiquity. Just like in ancient times, Timeless Flower uses eight fabric categories cotton, organdie, pure silk, silk, poplin, satin, crepe, and velvet. They will also recycle waste tea bags or coffee grounds to dye the “flowers”. Package boxes are made from recycled paper without any plastic substances.

Tiny Island Maps is founded by Alexis Holm, a Swede who has lived in Hong Kong since 2009. The local business creates internal house decor items and personal accessories that honour Hong Kong's history and culture in an effort to inspire a feeling of pride, belonging, and remembrance while also fostering exploration. Each product is thoughtfully designed and made to last a lifetime, just like the place it represents.

Yiwooo is a bamboo craft brand established in 2018. Meaning “twice” in Chinese, the name is inspired by the creation process where bamboo strips have to be woven across at least twice for sturdiness. The brand commits to connecting bamboo crafts with modern city life. Works in the fields of handcrafting bamboo products, workshops, spatial designs and installations; all products are 100% biodegradable and sustainable.

Dining & Lifestyle Offerings

Take a walk on the floral side and discover “Tai Kwun In Bloom” shops & restaurant offerings. You’re poised to be petaled, as the restaurants and shops in Tai Kwun offer the most extravagant bouquets, baskets and green-themed plates and lifestyle offerings.

Floral Shopping & Lifestyle Offerings


Mounted Rabbit’s Foot Fern Workshop

In the Year of the Rabbit, why not join us for a workshop that celebrates and honours a plant named after our furry friend? Create your very own Rabbit’s Foot Fern to take home and pretty up your apartment for some good luck!

PAP Studio

Love in the air - Tillandsia Holder Workshop

Beautiful glass mosaics that reflect moving light and shadow at our Tillandsia Holder Workshop. A little DIY your is said to be good for healing one’s soul!    


Paper Blossom - 15% off on Flower theme titles

For all book fans and botanists out there, TASCHEN is offering a bouquet of "Paper Blossom" with 15% off hand-selected Flower-themed titles!

Touch Ceramics

Chinese bowl painting

Create a lovely gift for your friends and family inside Touch Ceramic's Chinese Bowl Painting workshop. Discover the 12 different flower gods and paint them with ancient Chinese poems atop of your own white porcelain bowls.

Phoenix Sweets

Edible flower-themed handmade confectioneries

Phoenix Sweets will offer a variety of edible flower-themed handmade confectioneries including Mini Cake, Cupcake and Cookie to celebrate the "In Bloom" campaign of Tai Kwun.



 Floral Dining Offerings

Botanical Garden

Spring Rose

Enjoy the city’s finest gin & tonics at the Botanical Garden this spring. You’ll be delighted by the floral twists, as the exclusive cocktails come with a spectacular view of the British heritage gardens below!


Dragonfly is in full bloom!

For a magical night, look no further! Come and enjoy their whimsical spring cocktails that have been crafted with a twist of lavender.

LockCha Tea House

Floral Cold Brew Tea Workshop

A cup of tea is not just a soothing beverage, but a work of art! Come to Lock Cha Tea House and learn how to make yourself a fragrant, delicious and environmental-friendly cup of floral-inspired cold brew tea!

The Chinese Library

Tofu panna cotta with matcha green tea cake and toffee    

Spoil yourself with this plant-inspired dessert. Crafted with luxurious layers chockful of surprises… just wait for this sweet treat to deliver an explosion of taste to your tongue.


Spending Rewards

Budding in green treats

During Tai Kwun In Bloom 2023, Tai Kwun visitors who spend HK$500 or more at the market, will also receive a HK$50 Tai Kwun e-voucher* that may be used at selected shops and restaurants inside Tai Kwun.

*Customers are required to sign up as a TK Fan and download Tai Kwun app to redeem Tai Kwun e-voucher. Other terms & conditions apply.

Voucher Redemption Counter: Visitor Centre (Block 03)
Redemption Period: 4 - 10 April 2023

Terms and Conditions:

  • From 4 to 10 April 2023, TK FAN who spend accumulated HK$500 or above at In Bloom Flower Market, will receive a HK$50 Tai Kwun e-voucher that may be used at selected shops and restaurants at Tai Kwun.
  • To redeem the e-voucher, customers should first sign up as a TK FAN (i.e. to create a Tai Kwun account, subscribe and fill in their preferences) and download the Tai Kwun App. Then, customers need to present original receipts at Visitor Services at Block 03.
  • There is no upper limit in the number of e-voucher redemption per Tai Kwun Fans account.
  • Each eligible receipt is entitled to one redemption registration only.
  • E-vouchers are available on a first-come, first-served basis while stock lasts.
  • The use of e-vouchers is subject to the terms and conditions.
  • The e-voucher must be presented before payment/placing order. 
  • No replacement will be issued for the loss of receipts.
  • The receipts will be invalid if found defaced or damaged.
  • Tai Kwun reserves the right to make the final decision in the case of any disputes.

Beyond the Bloom

Tai Kwun is dedicated to finding the right balance between extravagance and sustainability in addition to bringing eco-friendly lifestyle offerings to people in Hong Kong and beyond.

To minimise our environmental impact, Tai Kwun In Bloom is set to reduce the wastage caused by our instalments by up to 90%. Our glowing flower installation is made of 121kg of upcycled plastic – that’s equivalent to over 8,463 plastic bottles (330 ml)! In addition, most of the festival’s fixtures have been made from upcycled materials, and over 95% are designed to be reusable. Now, ready to be given a second life, Tai Kwun will collaborate with local groups to transform the fixtures into home furniture for local families in need.

Bring fresh plants home to enhance your home garden

Bedecked with horticultural highlights, Tai Kwun’s In Bloom market is a panoply of everything petalled. Meet your next favourite plant pal, and bring home the very best of our botanical offerings and eye-catching bouquets. While our garden must bid adieu, yours can continue to grow at home.

Limited quota, first-come-first-served!

Collection Date: 11 April 2023

Time: 11am – 1pm

Location: The entrance of Tai Kwun In Bloom Market (Parade Ground at Tai Kwun)


  • Participants must take away the plants on 11 April, as no storage services will be provided.
  • Each participant can adopt one plant.
  • Plants vary in size and weight.
  • The number of plants is limited, first come, first served.
  • The growth status of each plant varies, and there might be a chance of withering.
  • Please bring your own bag or suitable container to carry the plant.
  • Tai Kwun reserves the right to make the final decision in the case of any disputes.

Second Life Project

Helping Hand

TWGHs Ko Ho Ning Memorial Primary School

To further minimise the environmental impact, Tai Kwun worked with design studio Editecture to lower its installation wastage up to 95% with upcycled and reusable materials. We believe it’s important to give back to our community in a sustainable fashion. So the pieces have also been given a second life as home furniture for local NGOs, schools, and sub-divided families!

Beneficiaries: Helping Hand, Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Kowloon City Family Support Networking Service, TWGHs Ko Ho Ning Memorial Primary School