Social Inclusive Art: Kids Spark to Create - Old and Present Hong Kong Drawing Class
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Dukling Shop

This work is the 1st joint program with DUKLING and ADAHK (Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong.

Our aims is to Enhance kids’ understanding of Hong Kong’s history, culture and spirit, Educate kids about diversity and inclusion by encouraging interactions between the kids and the disabled, also to Improve kids’ drawing skills and boost their creativity.

4 different subjects and drawing skills sessions to provide a platform to let children to learn and experience more. The highlight in the 4th session which will have an opportunity to get on a 65-year-old antique junk boat – Dukling.

Session 1: 10/10/2020 (1.5hours)

Session 2: 17/10/2020 (1.5hours)

Session 3: 24/10/2020 (1.5hours)

Session 4: 31/10/2020 (2hours)

Recruit 7-12 ages, HKD 1500 for 4 sessions including Dukling ride in 4th session


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