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Self-Guided Signage Walk: Look Left, Look Right

Date & Time

1 Jul - 30 Sep, 2020




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The decommissioned compound has left us with numerous historical signages, which play an important role in unfolding the site’s stories. The “Look Left Look Right: Historical Signage” exhibition in June 2020 displayed a number of old signages behind glass showcases, but in fact there are still many of them having returned to their original locations. Join us on Tai Kwun App for a journey to search for historical signages around the site!


Victoria Immigration Centre

N.C.O.S. Barrack Room Central

Defend Post 1

Look Left Look Right

The International Arbitration Centre & Police Civilian Staff Club

Cell Number 3

Rear Gate

The Cleaning Work

1. Victoria Immigration Centre

Signage location: Old Bailey Gate

In the 1980s, the colonial government put an end to the “touch-base policy”, which allowed people from the Mainland to obtain Hong Kong residency by touching base with their local relatives living in urban areas. The door sign outside the current Old Bailey Gate indicates the centre’s old opening hours.

2. N.C.O.S. Barrack Room Central

Signage location: 1/F, Block 03

From its construction to decommissioning, Barrack Block has long served as an off-duty venue for police officers. Apart from a canteen, changing room and recreation room, the block also housed the barracks as stated by its name. Do you know what the “N.C.O.S.” here stands for?

3-8 Other locations

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3. Defend Post 1

 4. Look Left Look Right

5. The International Arbitration Centre & Police Civilian Staff Club

6. Cell Number 3

7. Rear Gate

8. The Cleaning Work

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