Prison Yard Festival: Music from within

Prison Yard Festival: music from within (Jan 2022)

Prison Yard Festival: Music from within

West to east meanderings

Ligeti 100

Beethoven by Moonlight

Weekend Yard Music

Wong Time to Play

West-Eastern Divan Ensemble (Hong Kong Debut)

Tai Kwun Conversations

il Pomo d'Oro & Jakub Józef Orliński (Asian Debut)

Prison Yard Festival: Music from within 2022

Beethoven by moonlight

Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra

Solitary reunion

Goldberg illuminations

LENK's Quartet for the End of Time

Prison Yard Festival: music from within (Jan 2022)

Date & Time

14 - 23 Jan, 2022


Prison Yard, JC Cube, Block 01 Duplex Studio


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New Prison Yard Festival: Music from within, stretching from 30th November to 10th December 2022. For 11 days, Tai Kwun’s Prison Yard will be transformed into a performance space with a magical atmosphere not found anywhere else in the city, a natural home for music to take one on a heartwarming and soul-searching journey. 

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Having showcased the unique and intimate atmosphere which can be conjured by the dramatically walled Prison Yard during 2019’s Projekt Berlin, Tai Kwun unveils a new Prison Yard Festival in January 2022. For ten days, the Prison Yard is transformed into a striking outdoor concert venue to explore how music can provide optimism, healing and comfort through challenging times. The Festival’s theme of music from within evokes both the allure of live music within the high-walled enclosure of the Prison Yard and the deep sincerity of musical communication which has nourished musicians all over the world in spite of isolation, quarantines, lockdowns and vast distances.

All of the music in the Festival, which encompasses traditional Chinese instruments, solo piano, baroque, classical and romantic styles, has been thoughtfully chosen to interpret and respond to this broad theme and to resonate with the intimate yet dramatic setting. Subtle lighting will enhance the audience’s experience as we proudly present some of Hong Kong’s finest musicians. Evening concerts feature artists and ensembles who are well loved across the city, including the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Nancy Loo, Rachel Cheung, Wang Liang, Feng Xiaomu and Colleen Lee while daytime concerts offer a glimpse of the finest up and coming young artists on the verge of their careers. In addition to these engrossing musical performances, a series of calming workshops for the inner-self will enhance the experience and transport audiences into an ideal mindset in which music’s healing powers can begin to soothe.

Allow Tai Kwun to lead you into an uplifting musical and spiritual experience, as our Prison Yard Festival: music from within embraces our distinctive outdoor and indoor spaces to create magically atmospheric performances over eight broad-ranging programmes.