Ora-Ora - Huang Dan – When You Rise

Ora-Ora - Huang Dan – When You Rise

Date & Time

29 Jun - 14 Aug, 2022 10am-7pm


Shop 03-105-107


Free of charge



Ora-Ora is pleased to announce a thrilling new solo show by Beijing-based artist Huang Dan at its Tai Kwun Gallery in Hong Kong. The show runs from June 29, 2022 to August 7, 2022.

Titled When You Rise, Huang Dan presents her new Gold Series for the first time in a gallery setting (some of the series were recently shown at Art Basel Hong Kong in May 2022). The series is made of gold leaf on canvas, which represents a new approach for an artist previously known for her ink on paper.

The title is a reference to 1969 Beatles’ classic “Golden Slumbers”, a paeon to the carefree days of childhood and the peaceful night of sleep that only a child may know. The lyric “When You Rise” alludes to waking for a new day. In paintings Tranquillity and Composure, the artist portrays that empty midpoint between calm inaction and active agency, which is analogous to the moment of waking. We all leave the world of infancy behind to challenge and navigate the world on our own terms, and “Golden Slumbers” is a title of optimism and of possibility, befitting a new day, and fresh evidence of Huang Dan’s quest to frame her philosophy in bold new ways.

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