Look Left Look Right: Historical Signage
11am–8pm Timetable
Parade Ground (Outside Visitor Centre) Map
Free of charge
Look Left Look Right: Historical Signage


Upon decommissioning in 2006, a collection of historical signages has been left intact in the Declared Monuments. Over the century the compound was in active service, numerous signages have been applied, replaced and eventually removed, all of these do not only reflect the ever- changing functions of buildings, but also represent the aesthetics, craftsmanship and lifestyle in different eras. 

The programme traces the compound’s history by putting focus on a series of historical signages. Through displaying artefacts, visitors are encouraged to look at signages from perspectives including materials, language, font types and function. Former staff who have experiences in signage production, as well as experts in signage research and conservation, are engaged to interpret the topic. You could also freely explore the existing signages using the exhibition map available on site.