Behind Your Eyelid—Pipilotti Rist

Lighting Workshop
Pixel Mapping Workshop

Behind Your Eyelid—Pipilotti Rist

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Lighting Workshop
Pixel Mapping Workshop

Tai Kwun Conversations: Behind Your Eyelid – A Dialogue between Pipilotti Rist and Tobias Berger

Date & Time

3 - 5 Aug, 2022 7:30-9:00pm


JC Contemporary


Free of charge


Pipilotti Rist is a pioneer of spatial video art. From her earliest video works to more recent large-scale moving-image installations, Pipilotti Rist’s highly immersive, deeply sensual, and remarkably insightful works wrap visitors in a “virtual hug” of sounds, colours, and moving images. As her large-scale summer exhibition Behind Your Eyelid – Pipilotti Rist opens at Tai Kwun Contemporary, we invite senior lighting designer Kaori Kuwabara and video specialist and artist Victoria Holdt, both of whom who closely collaborate with Rist, to lead workshops that put on view the preparation of the exhibition.

Light as Medium—Lighting Workshop by Kaori Kuwabara

Date: 03.08.2022
Time: 19:30 – 21:00
Venue: JC Contemporary
Instructor: Kaori Kuwabara, Senior Lighting Designer SLG, CAS ZHAW based in Zurich, Switzerland

This workshop presents some behind-the-scenes preparation for the installation, looking at a public art installation by Pipilotti Rist with a special focus on light as a medium. With Pixel Forest as an example, Kaori Kuwabara will show how the technical details allow for a precise modulation of light and allow for its power to be harnessed for the sake of a more profound aesthetic experience. During the workshop Kaori Kuwabara will talk about her own work and background and will be looking forward to discuss with participants their own experiences in relation to how light can transmit stories.

Drawing with Light—Pixel Mapping Workshop by Victoria Holdt

Date: 05.08.2022
Time: 1930 – 2100
Venue: JC Contemporary
Instructor: Victoria Holdt, video specialist and artist based in Basel and Zurich, Switzerland

This workshop offers a behind-the-scenes look at how the projections in the exhibition were set up and what technical steps were taken to ensure an organic integration into the space. While video is usually manifested in rectangular form—for example, on screens—the technique of pixel mapping allows for more integration into a space. After a short introduction into technicalities Victoria Holdt will demonstrate how to pixelmap in a space and invite attendees to assist and experiment. For people with their own pixel-mapping experience there will also be time to share tips and best practices.

This event will be conducted in English.
The event will adhere to the latest health and safety regulations and enforce social distancing measures.


Kaori Kuwabara
Victoria Holdt

Senior Lighting Designer SLG, CAS ZHAW based in Zurich, Switzerland

Kaori Kuwabara is an independent lighting designer who specialises in complex lighting projects. Two of her main areas of work are public architectural lighting and light art installations. Designing spaces with light and shadow has been her personal and professional passion for more than 16 years. Her versatile portfolio includes projects for hospitals, train stations, business centres, and schools. She is the developer, programmer, and project lead for Pipilotti Rist’s Pixel Forest.

Video specialist and artist based in Basel and Zurich, Switzerland

Victoria Holdt is a video specialist who uses the power of the medium for her work for Studio Rist and in her own practice as a video artist. As a permanent team member for the studio she has installed video installations worldwide. In her own practice she investigates everyday situations through performance and video which she then alienates and alters in postproduction to propose a different narrative.