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Prison Yard Festival: Music from within

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Ligeti 100

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Prison Yard Festival: music from within (Jan 2022)

Date & Time

20 - 30 Nov, 2023 6pm – 6:30pm I
20-23, 27, 30.11.2023 (as the opener of other programmes)


Laundry Steps


Free of charge


There is no work more fitting for the birth centenary of composer György Ligeti (1923–2006) than his own Poème Symphonique for 100 metronomes. Presented in collaboration with the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, 100 mechanical metronomes will be mounted at Tai Kwun’s Laundry Steps throughout the Prison Yard Festival period to perform this monumental work as a tribute to the composer’s provocative artistry.

Ligeti’s two-year flirtation with the Fluxus movement gave rise to several outstanding pieces, the last of which being the audacious Poème Symphonique (1962), which premiered in the Netherlands in 1963. It caused so much controversy that Dutch television decided to cancel its broadcast, to be replaced by a football game. Ligeti subsequently reworked the symphony for a more contemporary performance in 1982.

Veiled in mystery owing to its scarcity in public performance, the hundred pyramid-shaped metronomes, each set to a different tempo by 10 operators to be “conducted” for Poème Symphonique, create a mesmerising spectacle of audio and visual stimulation that is sure to dazzle and amaze!


Poème Symphonique will be performed at Laundry Steps multiple times over the festival week alongside his delightful Six Bagatelles and a free improvisation based on Lakoni in Kazonnde for two drums written by his son Lukas Ligeti as the opener of other Prison Yard Festival programmes.

Programme 1 (20 & 27 November 2023)
Free improvisation based on Lukas Ligeti’s Lakoni in Kazonnde
György LigetiPoème Symphonique

Set Design by:
Thomas Tsang

Performed by:
Vicky Shin (Drums)
Samuel Chan Hin-kwong  (Drums)

Programme 2 (21, 22, 23 & 30 November 2023)
György LigetiSix Bagatelles
György LigetiPoème Symphonique

Set Design by:
Thomas Tsang

Performed by:
Angus Lee (Flute)
Wang Yu-Po (Oboe)
Linus Fung (Clarinet)
Alfred Lee (Horn)
Leung Tak Wing (Bassoon)

William Lane (20, 22 & 23 November 2023)
Daniel Lo (21, 27 & 30 November 2023)


Hong Kong New Music Ensemble

Founded in 2008 by William Lane, the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble (HKNME) is Asia’s leading new music group, dedicated to presenting contemporary music to the highest possible standard. The Ensemble has led numerous world and regional premieres of important contemporary works — a number of which commissioned by the HKNME — at prestigious music festivals and venues around the world, including the Hong Kong Arts Festival, New Vision Arts Festival (Hong Kong), Tongyeong International Music Festival / ISCM (South Korea), ECHOFLUXX Festival of New Media (Czech Republic), CYCLE Music and Art Festival (Iceland), Shanghai New Music Week, Beijing Music Festival, “Hong Kong Week” (Taipei), MONA FOMA (Australia), “Hong Kong Music Series” (London), Angel Orensanz Center (New York City) and Wilsey Center for Opera (San Francisco).

The HKNME has been annually funded by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council since 2012.