Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk

Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk — Curator-led Tour

Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk

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Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk — Curator-led Tour

Tai Kwun Conversations: Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk — A Dialogue between Kongkee and Ying Kwok

Date & Time

23 Dec 2023 - 6 Jan 2024 3pm-4pm


Block 01 Duplex Studio


Exclusive to Tai Kwun Fan, Free of charge


Exhibition Partner

Join our special curator-led tour of the exhibition Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk. With his first Asian solo exhibition at Tai Kwun, the award-winning animation director and visual artist Kongkee (a.k.a. KONG Khong-chang), seamlessly blends the city's iconic symbols into his cyberpunk fantasy. Visitors are taken on a journey that imagines the resurrection of one of China’s most renowned poets and statesmen, Qu Yuan (339–278 BCE), in a future world.

In this tour, the curator Ying Kwok will be introducing some of the curatorial concepts behind the exhibition Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk. Kwok will also be offering a thoughtful perspective on the artist's commissioned works, which specifically respond to the architectural features of Tai Kwun. Participants are welcome to join a journey to a future which had already existed in the past— and even share ideas about Kongkee’s imagination with the curator.

English Session

23.12.2023 (Sat) 3pm-4pm

Cantonese Session

06.01.2024 (Sat) 3pm-4pm

Quotas are limited, on a first-come, first-served basis.