Serendipity in the Street

Kaifong Day at Tai Kwun

Serendipity in the Street

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Kaifong Day at Tai Kwun

Serendipity in the Street Sharing Event

Date & Time

23 Sep 2021 1pm-3:30pm


Laundry Steps & Lower E Hall


Free of charge


Due to inclement weather conditions,“Kaifong Day at Tai Kwun” of the exhibition “Serendipity in the Street” at Parade Ground has been relocated to the Laundry Steps and Lower E Hall, thank you for your understanding.

The Cantonese slang Kaifong can be translated as neighbours; in Tai Kwun’s exhibition Serendipity in the Street, the Kaifong play a significant role as their personal stories and creative adaptations are showcased. Waiting to be discovered, you can now discover their narratives in Central. Kaifong Day, is an extended event, offering an opportunity for you to engage with the stars in the neighbourhood– the well-beloved botanic caretaker, Sister Fong Fong and ­a group of skilled shuttlecock hobbyists.

During lunch hour, the shuttlecock uncles will move from their playground in Shin Hing Street, where they have been playing the sport for over three decades. Next we follow them to the Parade Ground in Tai Kwun. Everyone is welcome to join them for a round of a shuttlecock battle. Furthermore, Sister Fong Fong will bring forth a selection of easy-care plants, including but not limited to Mother of Millions, Ornamental Pepper (non-edible) and Spider Plant for adoptions. Excerpts of these species would be made available to a limited amount of participants to bring home on a first-come, first-served basis.

Visit the exhibition and connect to the people behind the scenes who share a great passion for nurturing a sense of community in Central. Join us on Kaifong Day!

Programme Time Location
Shuttlecock Kicking 1:pm - 2:30pm Laundry Steps 
Botanic Adoption 1:45pm - 3:30pm Lower E Hall