InnerGlow 2024

InnerGlow 2024


Date & Time

26 Jan - 14 Feb, 2024 Parade Ground 6:30pm- 9pm (Every half hour)
Prison Yard 6:45pm- 9:15pm
(except 10-11.02)


Parade Ground & Prison Yard


Free of charge


Principal Sponsor:

Creative and Technical Partner:


In a very short space of time, InnerGlow has captured the imagination of the Hong Kong public and a sense of curiosity and anticipation is developing as InnerGlow 2024 approaches.

Tai Kwun’s Creative and Technical Partner for InnerGlow is The Electric Canvas — the brilliant minds behind so many of the architectural projection mapped spectacular that pulled the world’s focus onto Vivid Sydney from its very first year.

Apart from taking the creative lead in the first two seasons of InnerGlow, The Electric Canvas has been working closely with Tai Kwun to spot talent for future productions of InnerGlow so that, through this remarkably generous partner, Tai Kwun can help to build up Hong Kong’s capability in this highly specialised field in which the lines between creative artists and technical geeks become blurred while the end results come ever more sharply into focus.

Hong Kong’s unique visual identity as expressed through its intangible cultural heritage, like the Tai Hang Fire Dragon — will find its way into the aesthetic looks of InnerGlow 2024’s Parade Ground performance Dragon Tales.

Meanwhile, our search is complete in bringing more of Hong Kong’s young creative talents as well as international into the world of InnerGlow, and by expanding the reach of InnerGlow up to the Prison Yard this year, InnerGlow Searchlight, Tai Kwun’s mentorship programme provides students of art, creative media, film and design with the unique opportunity to try out their ideas under the guidance of The Electric Canvas and Tai Kwun, to rethink and rework, expand their practice and bring them back to the Prison Yard, which becomes their massive creative workshop space.

The programme is made possible with core funding provided by The Hong Kong Jockey Club through its Charities Trust as one of Tai Kwun’s arts and heritage programmes, and CLP Holdings Limited as the Principal Sponsor.

Showtime: 26.1– 14.2.2024 (Except 10-11.2.2024)
Parade Ground 6:30pm, 7pm, 7:30pm, 8pm, 8:30pm, 9pm; Prison Yard 6:45pm - 9:15pm

Promotion Video

Programme Notes

[Parade Ground]

Dragon Tales

Dragon Tales embarks on a journey from the mythical dragon, employing myth-inspired illustrations and three-dimensional animations. It blends traditional Cantonese narrative singing with contemporary music, guiding the audience through landscapes, ancient texts, totems, and urban spaces in search of the form of the dragon.

[Pottinger Ramp]


Paying homage to Hong Kong’s iconic signage, Neon is an animated procession of blinking characters and flashing symbols leading the public up the Pottinger Street ramp to the Tai Kwun Parade Ground.


A mountain stream cascades down the Pottinger Street ramp, as fish swim between rocks and dragonflies skim the water’s surface.

Dragon’s Journey

A dragon meanders along the Pottinger Street ramp, twisting and winding its way through an ocean of traditional Chinese motifs.

Production Team & Participating Artists

Parade Ground

Dragon Tales
Creative and Technical Partner: The Electric Canvas
Music Director: Roy Cheung
Traditional Cantonese Narrative Singing: The Gong Strikes One

Prison Yard

InnerGlow Searchlight

Peter Milne, Projection Designer, The Electric Canvas
Ying Kwok, Senior Curator of Tai Kwun

Participating student artists:
Ah Lung’s Journey
Animation: Yani Kaye Linsangan Castaneda│ Febby Valencia│ Mandy Yau│ Alfs Bryan Pabellan Dotdot
Music and Sound: Alfs Bryan Pabellan Dotdot
Students work from City University of Hong Kong

Bright and Beautiful Things
Animation: Catherine Fu (City University of Hong Kong)
Music and Sound: Stephen Ip (Hong Kong Design Institute)

Animation: Harry Hung│ Trini Chong
Music and Sound: Leung Hei Na
Sound Engineering: Allen Cheung
Cast: Ma Hiu Ying │ Ng Cheuk Fai
Students work from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Jailhouse Follies
Animation: Jerry Loo (University of the Arts London)│ Alison Mak (University of Toronto)
Music and Sound: Bryan Leung│ Kyle Li (The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts)

Metamorphosis of Chaos
Animation: Chenyu Lin
Student work from City University of Hong Kong

Technical Support:

Parade Ground: Serious Staging │ Prison Yard: Stage Tech Limited

Tai Kwun Team:

Executive Producer: Linda Yip, Head of Performing Arts

Producer: Mimi Lam

Assistant Producer: Kelvin Li

Production Manager: Juk Cheung, Joel Ma

Technical and Production: Irene Cheung, Giann Leung, Shandy Leung, Dang Hung, Hang Cheung, Terrence Choi, Bobby Lai, Myra Cheung, Neal Lee, Michael Lui