Fragile: work-in-progress

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Fragile: work-in-progress

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Date & Time

10 - 11 Oct, 2020


Laundry Steps / Online


Free of charge



Fragile, the first creation of Finnish choreographer Hanna Brotherus in Hong Kong, was meant to explore and reflect on the emotion hidden in participants’ bodies, the value of empathy and the strength that lies within us. The work attempts to relieve our frailty through physical touch and making connections.

The documentary Fragile: work-in-progress is a valuable record of her creative process, documenting rehearsal with local community dancers conducted remotely through an online platform during the pandemic. At a time when social distancing is the new normal, Brotherus’s choreography of human connection has taken on a new meaning.

Fragile was originally conceived for 80 members from the community and was scheduled to premiere in February 2020 at the 48th Hong Kong Arts Festival. Due to the anti-epidemic measures, the number of participants in this work-in-progress rehearsal was reduced to 24.


Fragile: work-in-progress [live performance]

Duration:approx 15 min
Performance starts at 4pm at Tai Kwun's Laundry Steps. Free admission

Fragile: work-in-progress [go online]

Duration:approx 20 min
Please follow for online screening schedule
with Chinese and English subtitles

The programmes are subject to change. The Organiser reserves the right to change the programme without prior notice.

A Hong Kong Arts Festival Production

Production Team

Finnish Artists
Hanna Brotherus
Scenographer  Jones Maxwell
Composer  Johannes Brotherus
Assistants to the Choreographer  Kardo Shiwan   Aletta Salo

Hong Kong Artists
Dance Captain 
Iris Lau Wing Chi  Mon Ning Ming Man
Production Coordinator  Lai Sim-fong
Stage Manager  Leung Tat-ming 

Performers   Chan Chun-tung   Chan Ka-wai   Chan Yung-po   Chen Yin-chih   Cheng Yin-mui   Choy Yu-tin  Fu Sau-lin   Hui Kew-nui   Lam Chui-yi   Leung Mei-ying   Li Pui-yi  Ngan Hei-yuen   Shing Hui-ying   Tang Ho-kwing   Wong Hoi-ching   Wu Nok-yin   Wu Pei’er   Yeung Chun-to   Yu Pik-hung   Pooja Sharma   Ryan Lee Jones   Zandee Kago Momoyo Wonn


Hanna Brotherus (Finland)
Dancer, director and choreographer Hanna Brotherus is one of the top names in Finnish contemporary dance, known for being artistically resolute, exceptionally inventive and with a clear, original voice. As a pioneer in community stage art, her partners have included  the Finnish National Opera, the Helsinki City Theatre, the Tampere Worker’s Theatre TTT and the Finnish National Theatre.

Her work crosses the borders between art and wellbeing, with themes founded on the actual circumstances of her dancers, who have included a mix of cutting-edge artistic professionals, recovering addicts, day-care children, the elderly and many more. The authenticity and presence of the performers is therefore always tangible and distinctly, artistically personal—simultaneously fragile and powerful. “My passion is to join together different people from different backgrounds and age groups. I believe in intuition, in the power of the touch and presence,” says Brotherus.

Jones Maxwell (Finland)
A set and costume designer mainly working in Finland. He works in a wide spectrum of areas including television, dance performances and museums. Fragile is his fourth time designing for the Hanna Brotherus Company.

Johannes Brotherus (Finland) 
A versatile composer, producer, actor and musician. He is the lead singer of the band KUUMAA. In addition to his own music, he writes music for films, television, dance performances and other recording artists. He is also a trained violin player and writes string arrangements for different commercial and artistic purposes. Brotherus has also acted in a variety of Finnish television series and films.

Kardo Shiwan  (Finland) 
Contemporary dance artist from Finland with a versatile background in movement. He has studied hip-hop, house, ballet and contemporary dance.
Since graduating from the University of Arts Helsinki, he has worked extensively in Finland as well as internationally. One highlight is Wilhelmina Ojanen’s A Whisper in the Order of Things at Sadler’s Wells in London.

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