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HKartsFestival@TaiKwun 2024

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fashion machine

Date & Time

24 - 25 Feb, 2024 2:30pm


Laundry Steps


Free of charge


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HKartsFestival@TaiKwun is part of the 52nd Hong Kong Arts Festival

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#CatwalkPeformance   #UpcyclingClothes   #Sustainability   #MakingMemoriesNightandDay 

Artists working in the fields of textiles, theatre and photography are collaborating with local secondary students on a fun show about upcycling fashion. After receiving training from these professional artists from Canada, the students will interview members of the audience about their memories and stories linked to an item of their clothing. The lucky ones will be invited into the fashion machine as models. Then the action begins.

After the kids spend 50 minutes using their sewing machines, scissors, buttons, ribbons, fabric, needles and thread, the audience members/models will don their remade outfits and showcase their “memorable” new looks in a catwalk show with commentary by the youngsters.

fashion machine fosters the creativity of the next generation of upcycling fashion artists, and represents an exciting new form of performance art that also helps raise awareness about sustainability.

Seating capacity is limited. Register now to secure your spot!

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*Performed in Cantonese and English

*Suitable for all ages

*Please wear an outfit that has a story to tell 

*Models’ outfits will be remade during the show

*If you are selected as a model, the clothes you wear to the show will be cut up and entirely remade on site. (Don't worry. We'll give you a robe to wear while this happens.)

*Where available, walk-in admission opens 10 minutes ahead of each show

fashion machine is a production of the Other Guise Theatre Company in association with Theatre SKAM 

fashion machine

24-25.02.2024 (Sat/Sun)


Duration: approximately 90 minutes 

Reception at Laundry Steps, Tai Kwun

Free admission (registration required)

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Core Creative Personnel

The Other Guise Theatre Company (Canada)

The Other Guise Theatre Company was founded in 2000 by Ross Deprez, Mary Desprez and Tobin Stokes to explore stories with varying musical styles. Based on Vancouver Island in Canada, the company is committed to developing theatrical presentations which reflect the history and culture of the community and has created a substantial body of original work, several of which have toured the Pacific Northwest. 

In late 2022, Matthew Payne was appointed Artistic and Executive Director. Payne brought with him the international touring sensation Fashion Machine, which he created and developed at Theatre SKAM. Under his leadership, The Other Guise recently purchased a property in downtown Victoria and began development on a multi-use arts hub including performance and gallery spaces. The Other Guise’s next artistic project is Labyrinth, an experiential, installation-based artwork in which the audience travels through a 600-foot-long performance space on a journey of self-discovery.

Please visit for a full overview of the theatre company and its works.