Family Day at Tai Kwun Contemporary


Family Day at Tai Kwun Contemporary

Myth Makers After Hours

Art After Hours: Myth Makers—Performances by Bones Tan Jones and Joshua Serafin

Tai Kwun Conversations: Spill the Tea and Werq! Truth & Performance in Hong Kong Drag Culture

Myth Makers—Spectrosynthesis III: Teacher's Morning & Teacher’s Workshop

Tai Kwun Conversations: Exhibition(ism) and Social Change

Date & Time

5 Feb - 2 Apr, 2023 1:30 pm–3:00 pm, 4:00 pm–5:30 pm


JC Contemporary and Prison Yard


Family Workshop: $80 per timeslot
Family Pair (one adult with one child)


Welcome to Family Day at Tai Kwun Contemporary! Presented by Tai Kwun Contemporary in collaboration with MUDWORK, this series of Family Days draws inspiration from the artworks in Myth Makers—Spectrosynthesis III.

This artist-led workshop invites family participants to sculpt their own “shape of love” from a heart-shaped woodblock. In doing so, the participants create a treasure box that can safeguard emotions but also can be shared, thus fostering trust and empathy. In this process, participants get to explore a diverse range of cultural symbols and classic stories about love, and come to understand different possibilities of love, empathy, diversity, and ways of living.

This artist-led programme welcomes children aged five or above who are accompanied by a parent/guardian to participate.

05.02.2023 (Sun) 1:30pm-3:00pm
05.02.2023 (Sun) 4:00pm-5:30pm

12.02.2023 (Sun) 1:30pm-3:00pm
12.02.2023 (Sun) 4:00pm-5:30pm

19.03.2023 (Sun) 1:30pm-3:00pm
19.03.2023 (Sun) 4:00pm-5:30pm

26.03.2023 (Sun) 1:30pm-3:00pm
26.03.2023 (Sun) 4:00pm-5:30pm

02.04.2023 (Sun) 1:30pm-3:00pm
02.04.2023 (Sun) 4:00pm-5:30pm

Workshops will be conducted in Cantonese.

Ticketing information: $80 per Family Pair (one adult with one child) for each timeslot

Please register and pay in advance online

Artist Bio


MUDWORK, an art and design studio founded by artists Chung Wai Ian and Ng Ka Chun in 2013, uses sculpture and installation to explore the contemporary state of urban space, community, and nature. In recent years, they have participated in several public/community art projects, including Art in MTR, “Hi! Hill”, M+ Rover, and more. Their work Cement Ping Pong Table was selected as part of the 2015 Public Art Scheme by the Project of Art Promotion Office.