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Cyberpunk Here and Now #1: Kongkee x Albert Tam

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Room 03-206, Barrack Block
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Free of charge

Hong Kong comic artist Kongkee and writer Albert Tam both created what one could call Hong Kong’s own cyberpunk. Following the success of the first two episodes of Dragon’s Delusion, Kongkee and his crew keep working towards an animated feature questioning the essence of soul in a port city where humans, robots and cyborgs cohabitate. Tam’s novel Humanoid Software imagines a dystopian future of Hong Kong through mysteries and warfare across virtual and real worlds. During this intimate sharing, Kongkee will explain how Dragon’s Delusion creates a new ‘Hong Kong Punk’ style by drawing inspiration from various genres including cyberpunk and will screen the latest work-in-progress, while Tam will share his take on how cyberpunk novels and movies evolved over the decades and became a major influence in his writing. Conversations between Kongkee and Tam, as well as discussions with the audience will follow.


Kongkee is a Hong Kong-based comics and animation artist. Publications including Pandaman, Ding Ding Penguin, and Travel to Hong Kong with Blur in collaboration with English rock band BLUR in 2015. He co-directed animation short film Departure with Tsui Ka-hei and Lee Kwok-wai and received HK 2017 Regional Gold Award and Gold Mention at DigiCon6 ASIA by TBS Japan.

Albert Tam

Albert Tam is a Hong Kong-based novelist and scriptwriter. Humanoid Software, a novel incorporating artificial intelligence and Hong Kong culture, won the best saga novel of the first Xingyun (nebula) Awards. Melody of the Night, exploring future technologies and the seven deadly sins, was shortlisted for the Chiu Ko 30th anniversary Novel Award. Short SF wuxia story Broken Pieces was featured in Anthology of Chinese Literature in 100 Years, Hong Kong Volume. Cat Whisperer, a fantasy set in Tainan, was among the annual recommended titles of XMediaMatch From Book to Screen, hosted by Taiwan Ministry of Culture. Besides, Tam has been awarded Ni Kuang SF Award, Comic Ritz Million Novel Award, BenQ Award and more, including obtaining sponsorship for Taipei Literature Award.