Collections of Tom, Debbie and Harry

Collections of Tom, Debbie and Harry

Collections of Tom, Debbie and Harry

Collections of Tom, Debbie and Harry & Our Everyday—Our Borders Guided Tours

Date & Time

15 Sep 2018 - 4 Jan 2019 11am-7pm (Opens till 9pm every Fri)


JC Contemporary


Free of charge


Presented by
Short Hair Studio

Not everyone is a collector but one often ends up amassing keepsakes to which we attach our emotions. 

Devoid of systematic sorting or meticulous classifying approaches, such secular and random acts of keeping are worth revisiting and redefining, especially against today’s investment-driven collecting culture.

Presented by Short Hair Studio, this project began with workshops and interviews with a group of seniors from several community organisations by students from Lingnan University. These brought to the fore humdrum objects kept by amateur—or “outsider” collectors—normally neglected in museum contexts, uncovering stories and multi-faceted meanings for individuals, families, and even leaving behind profound implications for future generations.

The project is then presented in a group exhibition by seven local artists and groups in charge of different topics. YIU Miu Lai, Joe, LEE Kai Chung, and artist couple CHUNG Wai Ian and NG Ka Chun will present artworks inspired by details unearthed from the “outsider collectors” of the elderly workshop. MA King Chu, Ivy, chooses to disrupt the historical and sentimental aspects of a few collectors who have been collecting old newspapers. LEUNG Mee Ping, LAU Chi Chung and CHIU Wai Yee, Caroline will play a dual role of artist and collector to use their own collectibles as the source of inspiration and the vehicle of making art.
This exhibition is not meant to be nostalgic or object-oriented. Be it unintentional or intentional collecting, the common phenomenon of domestic collecting has hereby fueled discussions on how one’s collectibles play a role in personal and social contexts, igniting new forms of art and imagination by examining and transcending the collected items.

*Some works are interactive; otherwise, touching is not permitted. Please follow the instructions on site.


Short Hair Studio aims to introduce cross-boundary and multi-disciplinary practices so as to ignite the creativity and passion of community members. Anyone can create. The creative outcome is boundless and organic yet the process facilitates conversation, bonding and interaction. Casphalt, a self-initiated and self-financed cultural space in a suburban area of Hong Kong, is where many experiments and collaborations have been realised since its establishment.