Artist Walk: Natalie Lo Lai Lai

Artist Walk: Natalie Lo Lai Lai

Date & Time

13 - 27 Aug, 2023 13.08.2023 2:30pm–7:30pm
27.08.2023 2:30pm–7:30pm


Yuen Long Kam Sheung Road




From food and farming to fermentation and meditation, the neighborhood of Kam Sheung Road in Kam Tim (Yuen Long) has it all. Join us on an artist’s walk with the artist Natalie Lo Lai Lai to experience this area with new eyes! 

Formerly a travel journalist, local artist Natalie Lo Lai Lai has developed an experimental artistic practice focused on exploration and the local environment. As members of the organic farming community Sangwoodgoon, Lai and her partner have for over ten years studied the methods and techniques of farming in areas around Shek Kong and Kam Sheung Road. Over the decade, she has learned to follow the rhythm of the harvest, and in her artistic work she responds to the precarious and often contradictory relationships of desire between humans and non-humans that define the ever-changing agricultural cycle.

In this art walk during mengqiu, the seventh lunar month, Natalie Lo Lai Lai will be taking participants through the farmland along Kam Sheung Road. Using video exercises, Lai helps participants connect their experiences with changes in the natural environment, explore local urban and rural development, and peer into the competitive relationships between different forms of agricultural life. The art walk concludes with an open-air screening and discussion to piece together restless images and thoughts in the evening breeze of the long summer.

The Artist Walk programme invites participants to see our city anew through artists’ and creatives’ eyes. On these rambles through the city exploring different places and routes, the artists will share their art practices, research methods, and creative concepts with participants. 

Points to note 

  1. The programme would be conducted in Cantonese. 

  1. Participants must be 12 years of age or above. 

  1. Participants are required to situate themselves in a natural environment for an extended period of time. Participants are recommended to wear casual attire, long socks and close-toe shoes for protection when passing through the habitat of red imported fire ants. 

  1. On the day of the event, please arrive at Mei Foo Station on time at 2:15 pm, for 2:30pm departure to Sangwoodgoon. We will arrive back at Mei Foo Station at around 7:30 pm. Please arrange your own transportation to and from Mei Foo Station.

  1. This is an outdoor activity. Please ensure that you have a hat, sunscreen, and mosquito repellent, and bring plenty of water. 

  1. The event is covered by third-party liability insurance. For details, please contact 

  1. Participation in the event signifies your agreement to be bound by these Terms, the Privacy Policy Statement set out on and all applicable laws without limitation or qualification. 

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Arrangements in Case of Inclement Weather Conditions 

  • If an Amber Rainstorm Warning Signal or above, Typhoon Signal No. 3 or above, or Thunderstorm Warning is issued before 8:00 am, the event will be cancelled and rescheduled. No refunds will be given. 

  • In the event of bad weather conditions, such as heavy rain or strong wind, the event may also be cancelled even if no weather warning signal has been issued. The event host will contact the participants as early as possible should this situation occur. 

  • If a Rainstorm Warning Signal or Typhoon Signal is issued during the event, some activities may be cancelled due to safety concerns. 

Speakers Bio

Natalie Lo Lai Lai

Natalie Lo Lai Lai 

Born in Hong Kong, Lo Lai Lai shifts itinerantly as a vagabond between writing, farming and art, often bearing a sense of bashfulness but always sure of herself. Lo received her Bachelor of Art (Fine Arts) and Master of Fine Arts from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. As a former travel journalist, she finds her interests in food, farming, fermentation, surveillance, and meditation. She has a farming practice, using photography, video and installation as a means to interact with nature.  

Lai Lai presented her solo exhibition A Messenger—Passerby in Our Battlefields (Goethe-Institut Hongkong, 2023) and The Days Before the Silent Spring (WMA Space Hong Kong, 2020–2021), etc. Her artworks were also shown in London, San Francisco, Naha, Yogyakarta, Beijing and Taiwan.