Art After Hours 2018

Art After Hours: Queer Reads Picnic

Art After Hours: Screening of Cao Fei’s “Haze and Fog”


Art After Hours: NANG Night · Screening of “The Blade” with Magazine Launch

Art After Hours: I Sing While Walking: Tsai Ming-liang’s Stories and Songs

“Every Pandiculate” Dinner Invitation

Art After Hours: Talk about “Collections of Tom, Debbie and Harry”

Art After Hours: “Gloss” by Rainbow Chan

Art After Hours: Queer Reads Picnic

Art After Hours: Audiovisual experiments with Abyss X & City

Art After Hours: Cao Fei’s ‘Prison Architect’ Live OST with Naamyam & Electronics

Art After Hours: "Our Everyday—Our Borders" Artists’ Talk

Art After Hours: "Prison Architect" Screening and conversation with Cao Fei, Kwan Pun Leung, Kwan Sheung Chi and Xue Tan

Art After Hours: ‘Remains of the Day’ Mona Hatoum In Focus


Art After Hours: “Project Cancer” Screening

Art After Hours: Hunni’d Jaws x HCKR DJ

Art After Hours: Summer Institute Public Lecture with Rirkrit Tiravanija

Art After Hours: Summer Institute Public Lecture with Ackbar Abbas

Art After Hours: “Mood Indigo” Screening

Art After Hours: Collectively, So to Speak

Art After Hours: A Conversation with Dung Kai-cheung and Wing Po So

Art After Hours: From Space to Space Listening Party

Art After Hours: Not as Trivial as You Think

Date & Time

19 Oct 2018 7pm - 9pm


Prison Yard


Free of charge


“Queer Reads Library” (QRL) is a collection of books and independently published zines centered around queer narratives and themes. As a response to the censorship of 10 LGBTQ-themed books for children and young adults in Hong Kong’s public libraries in June 2018, the Library brings together a selection of over sixty “queer reads” for members of the public to engage with. “Queer Reads Library” at Tai Kwun takes the form of an outdoor picnic, gesturing towards the importance of visibility and open spaces for reading. This informal gathering will open with an introduction by founders Beatrix Pang of Small Tune Press and artist-curator Kaitlin Chan, followed by a collective reading and discussing from the books and zines on view. Join us for an evening of snacks, drinks, and reading. Visitors are welcome to bring their own zines, books, food and drinks to share.

In the spirit of openness and dialogue, “Queer Reads Library” serves as a testament to queer friends living in all societies, who still share their images and stories amidst dangerously increasing tides of transphobia and homophobia. A selection of works can be viewed at the human/progress Festival hosted by Eaton Workshop at Eaton Hotel Hong Kong in mid-November 2018. Until then, QRL can be found at Plug Magazine’s CultureFest at Hive Spring from October 6–7, as well as abC (art book in China) art book fair at Modern Art Museum in Shanghai from November 2–4.


“Art After Hours” is an evening event series presented by Tai Kwun Contemporary that will talk with you, sing with you, show and tackle something new every time. Usually held on Fridays at 7pm, “Art After Hours” aims to sharpen art awareness through talks, performances, and screenings by artists, writers, intellectuals, and curators alike.