HKartsFestival@TaiKwun 2024

an essential guide to a blindfolded journey

an essential guide to a blindfolded journey

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HKartsFestival@TaiKwun 2024

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Date & Time

24 Feb - 3 Mar, 2024 Refer to programme details


Parade Ground


Free of charge


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HKartsFestival@TaiKwun is part of the 52nd Hong Kong Arts Festival

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#SeeWithoutLooking   #NonVisualSensoryExperience   #TheatreInTheDark   #MakingMemoriesNightandDay

This non-visual sensory creation is about the memories of a person with acquired blindness, about what he remembered before losing his sight. These memories, although fragmented and blurred, are always emotionally vivid. With the help of a group of guides recruited from the community, blindfolded participants will be accompanied into a maze of sensory experience on the Tai Kwun Parade Ground to recover the authentic truth that can only be sensed but not seen. 

This sensory experience on the Parade Ground is open to the public outside the performance hours. You are welcome to explore this sensory playground: try to listen to the message in the air, to detect the poignant smell of the space as well as to touch and be touched.

What do you see without watching?

Each show is limited to eight participants. Register now to secure your spot!

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*Performed in Cantonese 

*Suitable for participants aged 16 and above

*Participants will need to be blindfolded in the performance for about an hour

*Where available, walk-in admission opens 10 minutes ahead of each show

an essential guide to a blindfolded journey is a new Hong Kong Arts Festival Commission


24-25.02.2024; 2-3.03.2024 (Sat/Sun)

2pm & 3:30pm

Duration: approximately 75 minutes

Reception at Parade Ground, Tai Kwun

Free admission (registration required)

Sensory installation opening hours:

25.02.2024 (Sun) & 2.03.2024 (Sat)


26.02.2024–1.03.2024 (Mon to Fri)

12pm- 10pm

Free admission   

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Core Creative Personnel

Concept/Direction       Chan Hin-wang | comma @theatre in the dark (Hong Kong)

Dramaturge                 Liu Xiaoyi (Singapore)

Comma Chan Hin-wang (Concept/Direction)

One of the "Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Hong Kong" in 2016, Chan Hin-wang (Comma) is a theatre worker who has acquired blindness. After losing his sight, Chan studied at the Hong Kong Art School and obtained a Professional Diploma in Applied Theatre and Drama Education. He has worked extensively in the Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao, serving as a playwright, director, producer, actor and drama instructor.

In 2013, Chan founded the social enterprise Theatre in the Dark with a group of people with disabilities. They bring a unique and inspiring art experience to their audiences by producing theatrical productions in complete darkness to open our minds to new possibilities. 

In 2017, he established the charity group Artscompana to provide a platform for people with disabilities to unleash their artistic talents and earn a dignified living. At the same time, it promotes the community's understanding of people with disabilities and promotes social inclusion. From 2020-23, more than 300 community and educational performances were staged with the help of funding from the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, the Council for Sustainable Development, the Equal Opportunities Commission, etc.

Theatre in the Dark received the Spirit of Hong Kong Awards - Corporate Citizen Award from the South China Morning Post in 2017, and recognition from the Innovative Entrepreneur Awards in 2019 and the SDG Enterprise Awards in 2022.

Visit for a full overview of the artist and his works.

Liu Xiaoyi  (Dramaturge) 

A committed practitioner with a desire to push artistic boundaries, Liu Xiaoyi is regarded as one of the most promising figures at the forefront of the experimental theatre scene in Asia. In 2016, Liu received the Young Artist Award, Singapore’s highest honour for young artists, presented by the National Arts Council. Since 2021, Liu has been invited as the artist-in-residence at Zuni Icosahedron (Hong Kong). Since 2022, he has also been invited as an artist-in-residence and cultural policy advisor for Linjiang New District in Nantong, Jiangsu province. Liu is the Artistic Director of Emergency Stairs.  

Visit for a full overview of the artist and his works.