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Stecco Natura

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Stecco Natura is an Italian gelato brand that originated from Sicily in 2012. Our goal is to let you take the best and most authentic Sicilian gelato for a walk, thanks to the ongoing quality control and the use of only the best ingredients.

Our special flavors respect Italian tradition with a touch of "variegated" imagination, thanks to the many different dipping and coating available, which makes the pleasure of a Stecco Natura gelato even more desirable.





Promotion and Events

Mid-Autumn Festival Bestsellers

Full Moon Horizon is back to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with you the Italian way! Scoop of tasty gelato combine with icy granita in any flavors of choice to match your mood and personal taste. Our granita is prepared with a special machine to restore 100% authentic Italian sensation.

Price: $49

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