Under-Cover: Investigations in Art Publishing

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Room 03-206, Barrack Block
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Free of charge

Under-Cover: Investigations in Art Publishing comprises the summer programmes of the Artists’ Book Library. In continuing Tai Kwun Contemporary’s dedication to supporting the expanding art ecology of Hong Kong, Under-Cover presents a series of summer events spread across three categories: Spotlight, Live, and Workshop. As a platform for local, regional, and international practitioners who work with books as a medium of artistic expression, Under-Cover seeks to expand notions of art publishing across material and immaterial platforms. The term “investigation” is used playfully and thinks of our visitors and participants as part of the process in defining what an artist book is and can do. 


Spotlight takes place on Thursdays in the form of curated slideshows and video works by artists who work with diverse forms of art publishing. Live events take place on Friday evenings and include presentations by those working in sound publishing, performative readings, and low-fi zine production. Lastly, Workshop will take place on Saturdays. Each workshop will be led by a specialised practitioner who will work with a small group to produce artist books, to rethink methods of translation, and to experiment with reproduction through sampling—both musically and textually. 


SPOTLIGHT (Thursdays)
Date Time Programme
25.07.2019 1pm-7pm Euan Macdonald
01.08.2019 1pm-7pm Kaitlin Chan
08.08.2018 1pm-7pm Jonathan Monk
15.08.2019 1pm-7pm Fiona Tan
22.08.2019 1pm-7pm Jimi Tsang
29.08.2019 1pm-7pm Seth Siegelaub
LIVE (Fridays)
Date Time Programme
02.08.2019 7:30pm-9pm Richard Roe: reading by Tyler Coburn
09.08.2019 8:30pm-10pm Real Estate Zine Bedroom Story: launch with Popo-Post Art Group
16.08.2019 8:30pm-10pm Merry Night Ride: performance by Merry Lamb Lamb
23.08.2019 6pm-9pm Incoming Outgoing No. 1: spontaneous rituals with Shane Aspegren
WORKSHOP (Saturdays)
Date Time Programme
27.07.2019 10am-5pm Cross and Transfer: bookmaking workshop with Doreen Chan
03.08.2019 3pm-6pm Translator as viewer as performer: re-translating conceptual art with Yan Wu
RSVP now: http://bit.ly/2YcfaZO

Special thanks to all artists (In Alphabetical Order by Last Name):

Kaitlin Chan, Euan Macdonald, Jonathan Monk, Seth Siegelaub, Fiona Tan, Jimi Tsang

Shane Aspegren, Tyler Coburn, Merry Lamb Lamb, Popo-Post Art Group, Suitcase Institute, MC Yan

Doreen Chan, Yan Wu, MC Yan 

Credits and Acknowledgments (In Alphabetical Order by Last Name)

Director of Tai Kwun: Timothy Calnin
Head of Art: Tobias Berger

Under-Cover : Investigations in Art Publishing Curators: Hera Chan, Ingrid Chu, Louiza Ho

Artists’ Book Library Team:
Ingrid Chu, Daniel Szehin Ho, Louiza Ho, Melissa Karmen Lee, Frankie Leong, Xue Tan, Eunice Tsang, Joy Zhu

Texts: Hera Chan, Ingrid Chu, Louiza Ho

Translator: Ben Tsui

Copyediting: Daniel Szehin Ho, Joy Zhu

Design: Hato

Tai Kwun Contemporary Team:
Tobias Berger, David Chan, Hera Chan, Pauline Chao, Ingrid Chu, Daniel Ho, Louiza Ho, Kit Huen, Jims Lam, Kevin Lam, Melissa Karmen Lee, Frankie Leong, Erin Li, Jessie Mak, Xue Tan, Kylie Tung, Ice Wong, Joey Wong, Joy Zhu