The Great Spirit: acoustic performance by MC Yan

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Room 03-206, Barrack Block
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Free of charge

Legendary for his ability to play with and manipulate vernacular Hong Kong Cantonese to script true grit about the political situation and complicated identity of Hong Kong, MC Yan’s verse attempts to speak the truth. To the point, we see the preservation and propagation of a version of Hong Kong that is hip hop. In a new turn, the ‘godfather of Chinese hip hop’ will present an acoustic set, taking the pulse of the contemporary moment. As an attempt to create another frequency, ‘The Great Spirit’ is a sound bath designed to open the mind to seek transformative approaches to creative expression.

A graffiti artist, Hong Kong rapper, and who many call the ‘godfather of Chinese hip hop’, MC Yan still spits what we think. Most recognised for co-founding Cantonese hip hop group LMF in 1993, the group quickly became the voice for the underclassed in Hong Kong. MC Yan himself grew up in the 2000s in the suburbs of the American west coast. As a seminal figure and legend in Chinese hip hop, MC Yan continues to channel the sentiment of the working class and underrepresented in Hong Kong, amplifying a narrative often overlooked in the mainstream.