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Art After Hours: “Mood Indigo” Screening

Time |
7pm - 9:15pm
Location |
Tai Kwun Contemporary | F Hall
Price |
Free of charge

Join us to see a world that brings together an exhibition of artwork constructed of Chinese medicine and the scenes of a poignant French film. We present French independent filmmaker, Michel Gondry’s acclaimed movie, “Mood Indigo” (2014), an adaptation of Boris Vians’ surrealistic 1947 novel “Froth on the Daydream.” More than just a film screening, this work was handpicked by artist Wing Po So, whose solo exhibition “Six-part Practice” is on view in one of our galleries because of its visual and thematic similarities with her collection of work. The story follows the fatalistic, doomed romance between a wealthy young man, Colin (Romain Duris) and beautiful Chloé (Audrey Tautou) as their world unraveled because Chloé contracted a water lily in her lung — a disease only curable by surrounding the patient with flowers. Colin quickly drained his money by treating his young bride, and like Adam and Eve expelled from the Garden of Eden — an analogy that critics used to describe “Froth of the Daydream” — the young couple was discharged from a life of pleasure into a life of trauma.

Gondry’s films are known for its magic realism, use of puppetry, stop-motion, and handcrafted sets and props; he uses visual language metaphorically and lyrically. Both Gondry and Wing have created theatrical and fantastical objects that represent the human biology. Like the characters in “Mood Indigo” strolling amongst Gondry’s larger-than-life settings, you can also walk between Wing’s immersive installations of gigantic blood vessels and organs, as if transformed into a microscopic version of yourself. Both Wing and Gondry’s film are visual feasts that utilise authentic, crafty objects; the artists’ “hand” are visible and their authorships evident in every surface. The film will be introduced by Wing Po So.

This public programme is part of "Six-Part Practice", a solo exhibition of works by Wing Po So. Wing’s artist book "From Space to Space: An Illustrated Guide to an Infinite Something" is available for purchase in JC Contemporary.“Mood Indigo” Screening is organised by Hera Chan, Eunice Tsang, and Jeanie Lo.